Different Types of Durag and Benefits of Wearing It

In the late 19s, Durags were only worn by either slaves or prisoners but with time Durag has evolved a lot. Now it has become a fashion statement. Not only a fashion statement but it holds many benefits as well which will be described later in this article. From ordinary people to celebrities, everyone wears Durags because of the stylish looks it gives. Durags have become so famous now that there are different types and styles with them. There is a huge variety in Durags that you can find the perfect one that pairs with your outfit easily. Without any further due let’s discuss the types of durags in detail.

Varieties of Durags

As stated before, durags come in many varieties. We will explain them to you. Firstly, we have silk durags. As the name suggests these are made up of silk and polyester. They have a very smooth feel and look very stylish when you wear them, especially with formal clothes. Imagine a beautiful black gown with a silky white durag. Doesn’t it look dreamy, trendy, and chic?

Secondly, we have satin durags. The name might confuse you but these are similar to the silk ones. The only difference they have with the silk ones is that these are lightweight. These are best for people whom head starts hurting if they wear something heavy.

Thirdly, we have camo durag. These durags are unique and trendy. They have camouflage-pattern printed on them. Thus, the name camo durag. This is what makes them stand out among other varieties. These durags will look perfect with printed dresses especially camouflage ones. Fourthly, we have Mesh durags. These durags have a transparent/translucent effect which your hair will be visible through these. These are best for those who want to look trendy but don’t want to hide their hair beneath a clothe.

Benefits of Wearing a Durag

There are many benefits of wearing a durag that you may not know. The first one that may come to your mind is that it makes you look stylish and trendy. Yes, it does. This one is an obvious benefit of Wearing a durag but wait, we have some more for you which you might not have known before.

Durags are the best way to achieve perfect waves. Yes, you read that right. If you wear a durag regularly then your hair will start to turn wavy. No one wants to damage their hair with heat tools and durag is a perfect way to achieve perfect heatless waves.

A lot of people struggle with frizzy hair. Not only girls but boys also. They best way to save your hair from frizz is a durag. That silky cloth when tied around the head prevents frizz which means every day will be a good hair day if you start wearing a durag. Durags also help in maintaining deadlocks. We all know that deadlock gives a hard time when it comes to their maintenance but if you start wearing a Durag then your problem is solved.