How to Be the Belle of the Ball at Belmont

The Belmont Stakes is one of the highlights of the racing year. Thousands flock to the Belmont Park racecourse to see the third and final leg of the Triple Crown competition. This competition is for three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies, to see who will truly reign supreme. Whilst the history of the race is fascinating, we’re most interested in the fashion. If you’re planning to visit Belmont Park, then here’s how to ensure you look and feel like the belle of the ball.

Feeling at Home

The most important part of looking the part is feeling comfortable. One of the best ways to feel comfortable is to find out a little bit about how the regular racegoers will be going about their days. When you visit Belmont you’ll first want to go and take a look at the parade ring. The parade ring is where the horses will be walked around before the race. People called paddock judges pride themselves on being able to tell which horse is the fittest just during the parade. They’ll look for clues like well-defined muscles, a prominent heave line and a relaxed disposition, with no visible sweating. If you want to impress then keep these things in mind and you too might be able to enjoy the title of ‘good paddock judge’!

Part of the fun of being at the races is being able to have a flutter if you fancy it. If you have plenty of time then you can place bets with the bookmakers at the course, but if you’d rather not lose your space in the stands then it’s possible to bet online too. If you don’t yet have an online betting account then there are plenty of promo codes available for new customers. These can help you to make your initial deposit go further, so instead of betting on just two or three races, you’ll have enough stake to bet on all of them if you’d like to. Being able to place a bet might help to make you feel more at home in the crowd, so have a look at what is fancied on the course and cross your fingers for a winner.

What to Wear

What to Wear

One of the important things to remember about most racecourses is that they do provide a dress code for their major race meetings. Belmont Park requires a smart dress code for the Belmont Stakes day, with ladies expected to wear dresses or suits. As we mentioned before, feeling comfortable is hugely important, so if you aren’t a dress person, you’ve got other options! Jumpsuits seem to have been on trend forever now and there’s a good reason; they look totally effortless and totally chic. If you really want to give a nod to the race of the day then look for a floral print. The Belmont Stakes is colloquially known as The Run for the Carnations, as the winning horse is adorned with a ring of carnations when it wins. Find yourself a carnation print jumpsuit and you couldn’t be more perfectly dressed for the day.

For ladies who love to wear dresses, a day at the races is a dream come true. With that said, there are a few things to bear in mind before you go wild shopping. Racecourses have turf and turf is a nightmare for stilettos. If you must wear a pointed heel then consider getting some heel stoppers. These are see-through plastic caps that make the bottom of your heels thicker and will stop you from sinking into the grass and getting those heels muddy. In terms of dress length, generally try to find something that isn’t too far above the knee. Sudden breezes and climbs to the top of the grandstand may be made a little more difficult than necessary in a short skirt. Other than this, be as adventurous with your dress as you like. This race meeting is well-known for big hats, bold dresses and plenty of color.