The Best New Leggings For Exercise, Work and Everything Else

Leggings have taken the place of Levi’s as today’s go-to apparel items. Women wear them when relaxing at home, working out and everywhere in between. When buying leggings, it’s important to get a good pair. Here are the ones that we recommend.


Some of the best leggings for everyday wear are made by Athleta. These high-rise tights will fit you like a second skin. They are soft, so you’ll love relaxing in them while binge watching over the weekend. They will also give you enough support for activities like yoga or running. A big benefit of these leggings is that they resist wear and tear. Wash after wash, Athleta leggings continue to look new with no indication of fading, sagging or pilling.


Spanx leggings are great because they’ll hold you in nice and tight while giving you the space that you need to move easily. These leggings are perfect for exercise or running errands around town. They feature flat seams that won’t chaff. Also, the seams are located in areas that will flatter your body.


Alo leggings will hug your body securely, but you will still find it easy to contort yourself into challenging positions. When wearing Alo leggings, you won’t experience any digging, pulling or restraint. They are great for any activity that requires you to bend or stretch. These leggings are designed for yoga practices. However, you can wear them for any type of workout or daily activity.

Old Navy

Old Navy leggings are perfect for you if your budget is on the tight side. This brand will support you through intense workout routines or long days at work. They come in crop styles that are great for the warm months. Old Navy also sells them in full length styles that will keep you comfortable when it’s cold outside. You can even get them in a 7/8 length if you prefer something in between. These leggings come with a pocket that zips, giving you a safe place for your phone and keys.


When you think of Adidas, sneakers might be the first thing that pops into your head, but the company has great leggings too. To help the environment, Adidas decided to manufacture its new line of leggings from recycled plastic collected from the world’s beaches. It may seem unlikely that leggings made from plastic are breathable and super soft, but Adidas made it happen. You’ll love wearing them to yoga and to the grocery store.

Wknd Nation

Tux leggings are a wardrobe staple. These stretchy leggings feel like comfy pants. You will love the tulip hem and sporty drawstring. The soft material is constructed from poly and plastic water bottles. They are perfect for yoga. You can wear these stylish leggings with boots, athletic shoes or heels. The company makes their pieces in small batches. Get these leggings while your size is available.


Patagonia made our list of best leggings because of how comfortable their leggings are to wear. The company makes the leggings from a thick fabric that’s a blend of polyester, knit and spandex. Don them for quiet afternoons at home binge watching television or for intense workouts. You’ll appreciate that the fabric wicks away moisture and resists odor. They have a small pocket for keys, and you can buy the leggings in solid or printed styles.


Lululemon leggings are famous for their quality and comfort. The company makes them in different styles, so you can get the best pair for multiple activities. You can purchase a pair that’s soft and lightweight as well as compressive. The thing that makes Lululemon leggings ideal for different uses is that you can buy a durable pair that features moisture-wicking technology as well as amazing stretch properties. The company’s leggings come with a soft, matte feel. They don’t feel like slippery workout tights, which is a good thing.


The Eleven brand is by tennis star Venus Williams, and you’ll love these leggings for their high-rise waistline. The waistline should rest just under your ribcage, keeping everything tucked in nice and tight. You’ll appreciate how well your Eleven leggings support your body. These leggings come with seamless knitting that wraps itself around your body in a flattering way. When wearing a pair of Eleven leggings while working out, you won’t have to adjust them halfway through your exercise program. The fabric is also breathable to help you avoid becoming overheated during your runs.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga makes leggings that are super soft and cozy. In fact, they are likely to remind you of the soft jersey sheets that became popular 25 years ago. While the Beyond Yoga leggings are extremely soft, they will still give you the support that you need. Along with this, they are not see-through, so you can bend forward as much as you want without worrying that your underwear is showing. Not only are Beyond Yoga leggings great for tough workouts, but they are also perfect for long road trips when you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Great Leggings Make Life Great

Few things in life are as comfortable as a great pair of leggings. When you’re wearing the right pair, you’ll be ready to conquer the world and remain relaxed while doing it.