Plain Wear – Minimalist To Save The Planet?

With so many issues currently happening in the world, it seems like we are in need of saving or proper justice. Superheroes may not be real but there are certain individuals or groups that try their best to participate in helping the world, even in minimal ways. One such group is Plain Los Angeles, an ecommerce site that doesn’t just sell for profit. Plain LA promotes a plain or minimalist fashion culture through their fashion basics like simple shirts, hoodies, caps, and such. Aside from that, a portion from every customer order will go to tree planting organizations. Their homepage has a counter for transparency.

This kind of business may not make a huge global impact yet but it’s nice to see that they are trying to participate and not just make profit. The team behind the brand consists of millennials. Having just launched in 2019, the brand seems to have served a lot of customer orders already. Reviews are ranging from average to good.

But the current product that seems to stand out the most on their site is the Leather Wallet iPhone case, based from the number of product reviews it has on the website. The said item caters to various iPhone models and seems to be a nifty/handy item. Though not quickly deemed like a fashion item, the product does complement an outfit (based on color selection) since we all have our mobile devices with us everywhere we go. And it fits the plain criteria in a sense that it minimizes the essentials you have to bring everywhere since it is a multifunctional accessory.

Upon checking their fashion items, they seem to really have plain items on hand that are available in neutral colors for men and women. Will they offer these in kid sizes, too? Some minimalist people may try to encourage their minimalist lifestyle to their kids. What other plain items would they have soon? It seems they have had a history of other interesting items that are not being sold now. Guess it’s best to check their website from time to time or check their social media accounts (FB, IG, TikTok) to see the latest from them.

Plain Wear - Minimalist To Save The Planet 2

We’re curious to know more customer opinions about Plain L.A. How about you guys? Have you tried ordering from them? Leave us a comment if you have and let us know your thoughts. The brand seems to cater to international orders, not just in the US.