How to Make Your Hair Glow

When we’re kids, we can’t imagine what all these hair issues that the grown-ups talk about could be. You just brush your hair and then have your braids or your ponytail done by your parents and then forget about it.

Oh, to be young and blissfully ignorant again. As we get a bit older, our hair inevitably starts to lose that lovely luster from yesteryear. The products we use, the dying and heated tools we use to style our hair, chemical treatments, and everything else can cause some damage and buildup over time.

If you miss your healthy, shiny, untreated hair, you’re not alone. Many of us suffer from dullness and dryness, usually caused by damage, but also just by day-to-day life.

To get that luster back, you’re going to have to switch up your daily routine a little bit. But it is possible. Here’s how to get your glow back in your hair.

Get a Good Routine

You’re going to need an entirely new approach to your hair if you’re suffering from damaged and dull hair that can’t seem to get its stuff together. Unfortunately, many hair products out there can exacerbate the problem, making your hair drier, more brittle, and duller than ever before.

Get a good combo together for glowing hair. Using a personalized system from Prose Hair will have you covered from start to finish so that you can get that glowing mane ASAP.

It Starts at the Roots

The secret to shiny, healthy hair starts at your roots. This means you’re going to spend a little extra time getting your roots healthy and happy, then work your way out.

To achieve the healthiest roots possible, here’s what you want to get rid of. A common issue at your roots is a build-up of dead skin, products, cheap shampoos, and oils (ew). You’re going to want a shampoo that gets all of that stuff out of the way and not a shampoo that piles on more junk to your scalp.

Take a little extra time massaging your scalp to get that circulation going and get those roots as clean as possible so that the shaft of your hair can get better access to some hydration.

Hydration is Key

If dullness is your main concern when it comes to your hair, your biggest weakness is your hair’s moisture and hydration levels. The key is getting that hydration right to your hair efficiently and effectively.

The most significant help in this is going to be your conditioner. You need something that will super soak your hair follicles while not getting you greasy and oily at the scalp. Look for ingredients like Moroccan and avocado oils, which can improve smoothness and shininess. Honey can boost the growth of new, healthier hair. Coconut oil can work wonders for shine, but it isn’t for every hair type, so be careful.

You can help this process at the source by also drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Hydration is the secret to better skin, nails, and hair health, as well as just your body’s wellness overall.

Other Tips and Tricks

There are a few things outside of hair products that can restore shine and glow to your hair. Try out a silk pillowcase, damage-free hair ties, and use a t-shirt to dry it off instead of a towel.

It’s also essential to wash it with cold water (we know it can suck) to lock in that shine, as hot water can drain precious moisture from your poor hair.

Use multiple of these things in combination for the shiniest, glossiest hair ever.