Why People are Switching to Personalized Skin Care

Do you feel like you try a new cleanser or moisturizer or serum or cream every time you go to the store? Have none of them worked yet? It can’t be this hard, right?

If you’re one of many of us who was either lucky enough to get acne as an adult (yay) or who suffer from skin sensitivities, parched, dry skin, or dull skin that could use some brightening, you’ve probably tried a few different products promising results. Maybe you’ve tried that product that your one friend swears by and you’ve seen it work on their skin, but when you tried it, nothing. Or your skin even got worse.

Enter: personalized skin care. But what is it? And why is everyone switching to it? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Personalized Skin Care?

Personalized skin care is skin care that has been, well, personalized. How most personalized skincare brands work is through a series of questions about your skin, habits, and lifestyle, and then matches you to a formula of cream or serum that has been crafted just for you and your needs.

Personalized skincare products usually come in monthly subscriptions that send you a three-step skin care regimen including a cleanser, moisturizer, and then your specialized cream, serum, or other similar product.

Some of these personalized skincare products have the same cleanser and moisturizer for all of their subscribers and then only have a cream that has a unique formula. This makes them not all that personalized.

But there are some brands like Proven that are truly personalized, from your cleanser to your moisturizer to your cream. This makes them really stand out from the crowd in a sea of personalized skin care products.

Why is Personalized Better?

Why wouldn’t it be? Personalized skin care is superior because it’s made just for you and your skin, with knowledge beyond just what your friends say works for them.

The facts are, your skin and its physical condition are only the first layers of the issues and factors that lie underneath.

Personalized skincare takes into account any acne, scarring, tightness or dryness, and sensitivity into account, but that’s not all it does. What you eat every day, your level of activity, the environmental factors of where you live like UV rays and air pollution all affect what your skin needs. Did you know even the hardness of the water you wash your face in can affect your skincare routine?

It’s impossible to find an over-the-counter product that can do what a personalized formula can because there’s no way for them to take all of this other information into account. Sure, you could try out all of the different products available and see if they work. Maybe you find a product that can make your skin marginally better, but there are still going to be other areas that it lacks. Chances are, there is always going to be something more you want from each product.

Getting signed up with an online personalized formula takes all of the guesswork and trial and error out of skin care. This saves you time, frustration, and even further skin damage, giving you science-based and proven results based on your own skin’s needs.

Skin Care Can be Frustrating

Trying new products over and over again with little to no success can leave you feeling hopeless about your complexion. But it doesn’t have to be such a stressful experience for you. The next time you decide it’s time to try something new, go with a personalized regimen that has been formulated just for you.