How to Inject Your Personality Into Your Future Home

Ways and Ideas to Inject Your Personality into Your Home

The feeling of being home doesn’t come from the place, most often, but from emotions associated with it, memories, happy moments.

So, let’s say you’ve finally finished your search for property for rent in Dubai — you come into a house or flat you’ll live in for the next six months or a year. This article will give you some tips on how to make the place feel like yours.

Consider Pre-Furnished Option

The first tip goes back to when you’re choosing your rental: go for a pre-furnished option you like the most. If you’re relocating to Dubai to work, you probably won’t have the time to fill up unfurnished space with your things and just end up living in a flat with a mattress and a clothes rack which is not the best for a comfortable start in a new city. If you’re working a remote job, choose a flat with a workspace.

Don’t think that a pre-furnished option will take away the individuality of your home: you’ll still be able to move furniture, add more personality via art pieces, plants, textile, — but it’s easier if you already vibe with what you have, right? By the way, if you do plan to compromise and change something substantially — tell your landlord about it before doing it.

Build the Outdoor Space

Start with outdoor spaces. Bring a coffee table and a chair to the balcony, add a few flowers. If you have a yard, think about setting up a grill zone or a place for a Sacco chair. Clean up a place for your morning yoga. Buy a few pillows to sit on the porch. Hang lamps and lights on the windows.

Create Luxurious Bathroom

What can be better than a self-care session with a five-step skincare routine within a luxurious bathroom? It’s estimated that the average person spends around 813.3 days in the bathroom, which is equal to over 2 years of their life! Anyone can agree: this place is one of the essential things to consider when setting up the design of your dream. You wake up in the shower getting ready for work, soak there for hours after a long day with a glass of wine or a book, get in there constantly to wash your hands.

A “lived-in” bathroom is a bathroom with bottles and delicious smells of shower gels, oils, bath socks. With fluffy towels and bathrobes and gentle lighting. Add a wooden chair to place your candle, book, or smartphone down. Alternatively: purchase a tray where a laptop would fit — to place over the bathroom in case you’d want to watch movies in the water.

There are lots of designs for reusable bottles where you can pour soap, shampoo, and other body-washing products if you don’t want to see brand names or want to add a little bit of your style. Put a carpet on the floor.

Add More Personal Touches

The final step towards making your apartment look homely is to fill it with memorable things that mean a lot to you. Here are some nice things you may want to consider when decorating your flat:

  • The best photos of some special moments of your life
  • Favorite warm blanket and decorative pillows
  • Books you’ve planned to read in the evening
  • House plants, the more the better
  • Art reproductions; your art
  • Souvenirs and antiques

Think about what makes you feel comfortable. Often, people find house decor things that resonate with them on flea markets — Dubai flea market is what you’d want to visit if you’re one of them. There, you can find clocks, weird and beautiful artworks, china, old appliances and so on.

Handmade jewelry that can add a nice and bright touch to you and your home, aroma lamps you can use to fill your new flat with your favorite smells, old stylish furniture, and so on. Don’t hesitate to buy new bawls and barware, table linen, kitchen towels, or maybe posters from your favorite movie or animation.


Home is where the heart is, they say, and, while buying more things to feel more comfortable certainly works, what works even better is creating new memories within your new space. Buy yourself containers for spices and learn how to cook Dubai cuisine in your new kitchen. Try learning Arabic! Don’t forget to call your friends — separation anxiety can be quite difficult after relocation and weekly calls could become a nice tradition that will accompany you in your journey to a new city.

This article does recommend you to buy things that resonate with you, but please avoid clutter. Clutter gives you the effect of an unfurnished apartment: but if the latter takes time to fill, the former would take a lot of effort to clean. Yes, prioritize things that spark joy — and things that make your life actively easier, like Bluetooth speakers, a robot vacuum cleaner, or weekly flower delivery for your kitchen.