How to Transform Your Living Room into a Stylish Haven

Our homes are where we escape to relax and unwind after a difficult day. Of all the rooms in our houses, creating a comfortable living room is perhaps the most important as most of us spend so much time there. While everyone has their own style and interior design ideas, For example : Some would love classic design with antique paintings and modern interior with classy furniture and some would admire green plants along with a beautiful red sea aquarium for a fresh look , creating a cozy space where you can just shut off from the world is a goal that we all share. There are so many aspects of your living room design to consider, from lighting to furniture, and each of these aspects must be absolutely perfect to create the ultimate space.  Sites which specialize in many different categories of home decor and lighting like Stylish Direct are a good place to begin your search.

Here is how to transform your living room into a stylish haven.

1. Create the Perfect Lighting Setup

The lighting setup in your living room plays a huge part in the coziness of your living room. While in the kitchen, you should install white lights to ensure that the room is functional, yellow light bulbs will create a more relaxing vibe. To ensure that your lighting looks ultra-stylish, mix and match a few different light sources such as a standalone lamp with some unique ceiling lights like a chandelier or a pendant light fitting. The important thing is that each light source works in tandem with all the others to create the right environment. There is nothing like clashing lights to totally ruin your space.

2. Source Comfortable Furniture

To truly make your living room into the ultimate stylish haven, you are going to have to source some seriously comfortable furniture. The style of furniture which you choose will be dependent on the overall interior design concept of the room (and your home in general), but when it comes to furniture, comfort should always take priority over the aesthetic appeal. Even the most contemporary living rooms need a great three-piece suite, and you can add extra pillows or a blanket to make your furniture even comfier.

3. Set the Ideal Temperature and Environment

It is impossible to feel comfortable in your living room if you do not have the right environment and temperature. Installing an HVAC system will enable you to have total control over the temperature in the room and will also help to control the humidity as well as remove any nasty pollutants from the air. This is especially important in the summer months as there are various pollutants that can affect your respiratory system and cause allergies such as dust mites, pollen, and mold spores. It is also very important to keep the room well ventilated by opening the windows regularly to allow the air in the room to recycle.

4. Add House Plants

No home is complete without some greenery and plants are especially important in the living room. House plants look fantastic and also help to create a pleasant environment in your home. The great thing about plants is that they come in every shape, size, or color so you can always find plants that fit the style of your living room and add an extra dimension to the interior design. Sharp ferns can add geometry to a living room full of soft curves and textiles while rounder plants can bring some softness to a contemporary living room. Mix up smaller and bigger plants to create multiple levels in your living room and it will be looking super stylish in no time.

5. Personalize Your Space with Art and Sculpture

Artwork, sculptures, and other ornaments are the perfect way to bring your personality into your living room and create a space in which you feel totally yourself and at home. Art can add a splash of color to your walls which can be especially important if you have a very modern style in monochromes. Mix bigger statement pieces with smaller prints or photos to make the room interesting. Like house plants, sculptures and ornaments can bring interesting shapes to your space which will always give you something to look at as you are relaxing in your haven. Artwork and sculptures do not need to be expensive pieces by famous artists. Try collecting different pieces from each country you visit on vacation or build a relationship with a local artist and commission a few pieces from them.

The living room is the heartbeat of every home and creating a comfortable haven in your living room doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. By focusing on each aspect of your living room one by one, it is easy to design a cozy and comfortable space. Follow this easy guide and you will soon have the living room of your dreams.