Choosing the right cashmere clothes: tips and advice !

Cashmere is a form of wool that comes from the fleece of a small goat named Capra Hisca. Typically used to make sweaters, this material has isothermal properties and the ability to protect you against the harshest temperatures depending on how it is used.

However, not all companies that make cashmere clothing do it properly. Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid making mistakes when choosing your cashmere clothes.

Go to a good brand to choose the right cashmere garment

This solution is the most practical since it saves you from having to get lost in endless checks. Indeed, a self-respecting brand always takes care to incorporate the necessary rules for making clothes that protect their customers. If you are wondering which brand to turn to, you can take a look at

Specializing since 2000, that is to say for 15 years, this brand has had time to specialize and acquire all the experience necessary to make the best cashmere clothes. Present in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, their small teams make all their clothes by hand for an impeccable rendering and applied finishes.

Just as you can appropriate an item of clothing already in stock, you can order tailor-made clothing, an item of clothing made exclusively for you.

Check the origin of the cashmere to choose the right cashmere garment

As said above, cashmere comes from the fleece of a small goat. It should be noted that 90 % of world production comes from Chinese Mongolia and Mongolia, on both sides of the Gobi Desert. The remaining 10 % are mainly from Afghanistan and the Kashmir region (on the Indian subcontinent).

Where does the best cashmere come from ?

Since altitude and cold are a major contributor to the development and texture of cashmere, the latter is of the best quality when sourced from Mongolia. However, that does not mean that one who comes from other regions is not worth it.

It’s all about preferences. You may well like the texture of cashmere from elsewhere than Mongolia.

Check the grade of cashmere to choose the right cashmere garment

After being combed and then harvested, the hair of the cashmere goat can be classified into three grades according to their quality. These are grades A, B and C, A representing the best quality of the three.

This quality of cashmere is made of long, thick yarns that are more resistant than the others. Your cashmere clothes will therefore be of excellent quality if the grade of cashmere that was used for their manufacture is A.

Make sure the cashmere respects the skin and the environment.

To make sure that cashmere respects the skin and the environment, you must check its coloring as well as its certification.

Check the color of the cashmere to choose the right cashmere garment

Cashmere exists in 3 natural colors, the shades of which revolve around the gradation of white, cream and brown. It is from this that cashmere can be colored with natural pigments or, on the contrary, with aggressive dyes.

These are generally toxic to your skin and polluting the environment. It is therefore better to make sure that the cashmere used for your clothes has been colored with natural pigments.

Check if your cashmere clothes are Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified

These certifications represent a guarantee with regard to the respect of your skin. However, not all brands with this certification and all other criteria mention it on their labels.

It is up to you in these cases to check it for yourself on their websites or by messaging (social networks or e-mail).