Fashion shoes in Thailand

Fashion styles cannot be complete without a nice pair of quality shoes. Designer clothing goes hand in hand with designer shoes. Every fashion enthusiast knows that fashion shoes are a must-have to complete any outfit. You should always carefully consider the type of shoes you wear with your outfit. The following are some top fashion brands and shoes in Thailand. If you want to be trendy and look modern, consider these shoes and get them to complete your style.


Based in Bangkok, these handmade shoes are a perfect choice for every fashionista. Made of pure lambskin, all Minimalist shoes offer great comfort. They are very soft on the feet, so you can wear them for a very long time without trouble. Minimalist shoes provide great arch support and their outsoles are made of anti-slip rubber, so you will feel very stable and confident when walking. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from so you can easily match them with your outfit.


Croon is another popular fashion shoe brand from Thailand, well known for its vintage style. These shoes provide top comfort and feel very nice on the feet. Every pair of their shoes is made by experienced shoemakers, carefully designing each part of them. They are unique, stylish, retro, and cool, which is why women love them. Croon shoes differ from others in that they have pretty much all sizes available, even above 42.


This brand has reached popularity beyond Thailand, thanks to their lovely designs and sexy fashionable shoe models. O&B shoes stand out from the rest with a wide variety of colors to choose from. They can be found in almost any color you can imagine. There are also different styles available such as low-heel and high-heel shoes, so you will certainly find something to match your clothing. Quality materials, luxurious designs, and premium style are what O&B shoes are all about and creating custom shoes.  If you are looking to up your own style game to a presidential level look for great discounts at Voucher Alarm and make sure you also consider stylish walking shoes as well.


Muper`s shoes are characterized by unique designs, made by handy shoemakers. Their attention to detail is outstanding and each pair takes a few days before it is being fully made. Muper`s shoes draw inspiration from popular Western brands, but they are still unique and have a distinct Thai touch. The premium leather used for making these shoes makes them very durable and fashionable, great for any occasion. You can choose between a wide variety of shoes, including sneakers and some vintage models. You also can customize your shoe with the exact type of leather you want them to be made of, color, sole type, as well as other features.

London Brown

Despite their name, these shoes are fully made in Thailand. They have been inspired by some shoe styles from old English designs, but Thailand`s London Brown shoes have interesting modern features, elegant touches, and luxury vibes. They can be worn both at formal and informal events, so they are a great choice. You can pick from many varieties such as classic shoes, wingtips, loafers, sneakers, boat shoes, and many more.