Fastest Ways to Clear out Hoarded Items from Your Home

Do you feel like your home has turned into a museum? Freeing yourself from hoarded items can be easier and faster than you’ve ever considered. Clear your home from all the junk you’ve collected and schedule a pick up with junk removal profesionals!

You don’t live in a personal museum, do you? Living in a place that’s filled with hoarded junk no one truly needs can be rather stressful. Learning to let go of unneeded items is yet another challenge. However, as soon as you decide to make a change, you better go ahead right away.

Before you start…

Ask yourself three questions before you start your junk removal project to make the process even easier and faster:

  • Is there a particular spot in your home which you can clear out and put into order in next to no time? Would it have a positive impact on your wellbeing if it was cleared?
  • Which areas in your home tend to turn into a chaotic pile of all sorts of things the fastest?
  • Which room or particular area causes you the most discomfort?

Your replies to these three simple questions support you to come up with a game plan. You don’t only want to throw out hoarded items as fast as you can, you also want a sense of achievement. Choosing the most challenging area in your home can be a little too overwhelming, resulting in giving up before you’re even finished – or properly started. Starting with a small project, such as clearing the countertops in your kitchen, lets you realize that you can do it and you’re moving on to the next area sooner. Start small and simple.

Clear out a designated area within twenty minutes

This method probably is one of the fastest and most engaging ones. You could even involve your kids and turn it into a challenge. Who’s filled up his bag first, wins a prize!

Choose an area in your home that you want to clear out. Take a huge bin bag or two and set a timer for no more than twenty minutes. Go through any items you come across and ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Do I use it? Do I love it?
  • How long has it been that I used it?
  • Am I going to use it again?
  • Is the item worth it to take up space?

If you use the item you hold in your hands regularly and feel connected with it, it’s a keeper. If you’ve just used it, you can also keep it. Should you not have used it for a year or even longer, it’s likely a goner. Does the item have a particular purpose, such as a functioning drilling machine? In that case, it’d be worth it to take up the space it needs. If it’s a broken lamp or chair, you’re unlikely going to use it again. Better reserve space for a new item! Go ahead to the next area and set yourself a timer for another twenty minutes if you feel pumped once you’re done in your first spot.

The Kondo Method for Junk Removal Projects

The Kondo method is based on a strategy by Marie Kondo, which suggests gathering all items of the same theme, such as all office or kitchen items, in one place and go through all of it at once. However, it may take you a little longer as you also have to grab stuff from the attic or the garage.

Our homes have gotten larger and larger throughout the last century. Naturally, we tend to forget how many items we have doubled. Did you know you have an additional two hob gas stove in your garage? Plus an additional single one? Would you truly need both when you have a proper hob in your kitchen? No, you don’t. It’s a good idea to keep such extra gas hobs if you go camping or in case of emergencies. However, you’re unlikely going to require an entire collection never to be used.

Combine the Kondo method with the 20-minutes-method mentioned above and you’ll be done within a jiffy. Just choose a category you’d like to sort out. Start with books, for example. As soon as you’ve managed to arrange them in one spot, go through all of them at once, within a set period. Determine if it’s one of your favourite books or something you’ve never read and are unlikely to ever read, or if it’s a book you actually don’t like. Clear out your wardrobe or all of your kitchen and bathroom utensils with the same method!

The Key to Fast and Effective Junk Removal

When it comes to clearing our hoarded items you’ve projected some value onto, it’s of utmost importance to set sentiments and emotions aside. It’s completely okay to keep certain items that offer a value to you or may remind you of a loved one. However, as soon as the junk piles up, you can’t see the forest for all its trees anymore. Clearing out hoarded items supports you being more aware of what you truly need before you bring it home and keep it for ages. You’re unlikely to ever look at all those magazines again. If there was the one or the other article that you found interesting, cut it out or scan it for digital space-saving storage. If it’s been a lot you’ve cleared out, schedule a collection date with your junk removal ASAP.

The faster you can clear out your home, the more effective you’re taking care of yourself and the sooner you’ll feel a blissful relief!