How Does Pollution Affect your Skin?

Skin is the largest organ of human body and the environment around us plays an integral role in how the skin behaves and how it looks. Starting from the harsh UV radiations of the sun, climatic changes and the pollutants, our skin is exposed to the environmental stress and we can’t even imagine the damaged caused to it. Have you ever wondered how your skin gets damaged because of pollution? If yes, then take a deep dive into the article and get aware of the numerous effects of air pollution on your skin and how you can fight with the situation and make things better for your skin.

Effects of Air Pollution on Skin

The expansion in air contamination throughout the years has adversely affected the human skin. Different air pollutants, for example, bright UV radiation, polycyclic sweet-smelling hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, oxides, particulate matter, cigarette smoke and ozone influence the skin as it is the peripheral hindrance. Air pollutants harm the skin by instigating oxidative pressure. Human skin goes about as a natural shield against pro-oxidative synthetic compounds and physical air poisons. Overexposure of these pollutants to significant levels leads to the negative consequences on the skin.

Prolonged exposure of the skin to bright UV radiations has been related to outward skin maturing and skin malignant growth. Tobacco smoke adds to untimely maturing and an expansion in the frequency of psoriasis, skin inflammation and skin malignant growth. It is additionally involved in unfavorably susceptible skin conditions, for example, atopic dermatitis and skin inflammation.

Polyaromatic hydrocarbons are related to extraneous skin maturing, pigmentation, diseases and acne breakouts. Unpredictable natural mixes have been related to atopic dermatitis. Given the expanding levels of air contamination and its inconvenient impacts on the skin, it is prudent to utilize procedures to diminish air contamination.

How Using an Air Purifier can Benefit in this Situation?

Installing air purifiers help you stay away from the skin damage caused by air pollution as their internal fans suck the pollutants from the air inside the unit. The air passes through a series of filters and all the harmful pollutants get eliminated. As a result of this, you get a clean and breathable air around you which keeps you calm and makes your skin feel fresh and healthy.

With the increase in the pollutants in the air, the next beauty add-on is surely going to be the air purifiers apart from the other cosmetics that you use daily. Besides offering you clean and fresh air, they also affect the way your skin looks. If you spend most of the time inside your house, you can still get affected by air pollution. The harmful pollutants lead to many serious skin conditions like eczema, acne breakouts, atopic dermatitis, pigment spots etc. Therefore, it’s vital that the air that surrounds you inside your house is pure and air purifiers aid you with that.

Many dermatologists and skin experts also agree with the fact that air purifiers can help in improving your skin conditions. Sleeping around them can positively affect your overall skin health and it has proved beneficial for the people who suffer from severe dry skin. If you are also suffering from those dark circles around your eyes and other skin irritability issues, then you might want to consider the following benefits of using air purifiers.

Enhance your skin tone


Skin pigmentation is directly linked to Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. They take away the dermal layer of Vitamin E which is natural powerful oxidant responsible for preventing discoloration. Air purifiers can effectively filter out these hydrocarbons and thus, reduce the amount of oxidation that happens in your skin.

Heal Your Acne

Acne can be caused due to the bad diet and overexposure to the pollutants and UV radiations. You have even heard your mother saying that touching face frequently leads to more acne breakouts. But, are you aware of the airborne bacteria that works the same way on your skin? By using an air purifier in your house you can reduce the number of bacteria that your skin is exposed to every single minute. Thus, it will help you in avoiding that painful acne and you will be confident about your skin whenever you step outside your house.

Reduce Rashes and Dryness


Poor air quality is legitimately connected to skin irritation. An open-air particulate issue that sneaks into your home can cause bad-tempered conditions, similar to skin inflammation and rashes. Similarly, dust is destructive to those individuals who experience the ill effects of skin hypersensitivities. A few people prefer to use creams and sensitivity medications. Decreasing the aggravations is another arrangement; air purifiers work to catch these particles before they hit your skin.

Slow down the Ageing Process

The free-flowing dust particles, cigarette smoke and pollution not only irritate your skin but they also cause permanent damage. When the airborne particles come in contact with your skin, they start breaking down the collagen and elastin in your skin tissues and your skin ultimately begins to droop and sag. Air purifiers eliminate these hydrocarbons before they come in contact with your skin.


Now, that you are aware of the effects of air pollution on your skin and how can you deal with that, its high time to leverage the benefits of air purifiers. Besides this, don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.