Guide to Create a Women’s Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Wardrobe Essentials

Want to look fabulous, but every morning feels like a struggle to come up with a new look? Well, dressing up is not restricted to the occasion; one dresses up to feel good and confident from within. So, it’s an everyday thing whether you are going out or not. No matter how much you love to play dress-up, you may find yourself clueless on what to combine next or maybe that you don’t have anything to wear after a few looks. If it makes you feel any better, it’s a story of every girl/woman. Well, there is one easy solution to this supposedly difficult decision, start building a capsule collection. You may feel like you are out of good clothes and need to go shopping, but actually, you just need classic pieces. You know, actually, you only need a few foundational pieces of clothing to make a fresh outfit every time and look stylish. A capsule collection is all about those pieces. First, let us explain to you what a capsule wardrobe is.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of limited classic pieces that are interchangeable as they work well together. These pieces are often must-haves like a two-piece skirt set or denim jacket that never go out of style. Each piece complements the other, and hence, you are able to create a new look one after another with just a few pieces. Once a woman starts maintaining a capsule wardrobe, she can never run off OOTD options and always look stylish. If you intend to enjoy a collection of well-curated outfits, here is a complete guide from the experts on how to start one.

Invest in quality pieces

Mostly quantity is preferred over quality when it comes to creating a wardrobe. When you are out of outfit options, most probably, you would think of purchasing more clothes. But what’s more important is to invest in quality pieces. Look out for pieces that will never go out of style because the capsule collection is all about these items. Most of the capsule pieces are worth your money because you can wear them forever, and these will stay in good condition for a long time.

Don’t restrict yourself

When you are creating a wardrobe, don’t restrict yourself from anything. Experts advise that you should try every available style and then pick the styles that best suit your personality. There may be some pieces that you never thought would be able to pull off but look great on you.

Avoid adding FADs

Okay, another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid fashion FADs at all costs. Capsules are all about classics which are the opposite of FADs.

Wardrobe essentials to invest in:

  1. Basic tees: every woman should own neutral tone tees.
  2. Basic button-ups: for office looks.
  3. Denim: have at least 3 different types of denim.
  4. Lbd: must-have for all kinds of dates you’ll be going to.
  5. Matching skirt and top set: this is your go-to for all casual occasions.
  6. Belt: have a black belt in your accessory collection.

Follow the tips to create a women’s capsule wardrobe.