Your Essential Guide to Trouser Cuffs, Pockets, and Belts for Your Bespoke Suit

When you are planning to have a bespoke suit made, you do have a lot of considerations to think about – from the fabric and material to the style and other definitive elements such as the cut of the trousers, the cuffs, the lapels, and more. But your suit won’t be completely yours if you don’t consider other elements as well and these include the trouser cuffs, pockets, and belts. So what should you think about when it comes to these aspects? How important is it to choose the right cuffs, pockets, and belts, anyway? The following is your essential guide to trouser cuffs, pockets, and belts for your bespoke suit.

The trouser cuffs

In the United Kingdom, we refer to trouser cuffs as turn-ups in Luxury mens wear. But whatever kind of name you have for this particular element, you may already be aware that they have become quite the trend in recent times. Since a turn-up will interrupt a trouser’s line, which can make it look less sharp or sleek, most of us see it as a more casual element than a plain trouser bottom. With that being said, it will look better on trousers which are casual or informal and with separates instead of suits.

But all these pointers will also be influenced by your style and taste. The general recourse of a good bespoke tailor when it comes to turn-ups is this: if you want them, you can have them, but if you don’t want them, you don’t have to get them. But if you are doubtful, you could include turn-ups in your suit as it’s easy to remove them and almost impossible to include once your suit is done.

The pockets

If you want your suit to be more functional, you can add secret pockets in the waistband’s seam, either on the outside or inside. This is more practical compared to sections that are sewn on the trouser’s pocket bag, and they look sleeker as well. But when having pockets made, make sure they are shallower than your finger’s length so it will be easier to fish coins or other things out. If you go for side pockets, choose slanting pockets as they are more practical than vertical ones.

The side adjusters and belts

Without a doubt, belts can be quite thick and bulky, and they will probably make your suit look more casual compared to a strap and buckles or side adjusters. Strap and buckles, which make use of a tab in the cloth of the trouser so you can cinch your waist, make the trouser front look clean and smooth, and it makes it look smarter as well. So if you want your suit to look smart and sharp, strap and buckles or side adjusters are recommended.

If you opt to wear a belt with your suit, this is perfectly fine as well, as it is a great accessory. This is true if you don’t have other accessories to go with your suit, such as a tie or pocket-handkerchief. Belts are quite practical yet decorative, and they fit well with trousers and a sports jacket, too. The key with belts, however, is to keep them slim and of high quality and try to be subtle with your belt choice. Never, ever use a logo – it will just make your suit look trashy. Have fun, and good luck!