Ankle Watches – Is This the New Place to Wear a Watch?


These days, it seems that there are new fashion trends popping up everywhere. .One of the most unusual is wearing a watch on the ankles rather than wearing it on the wrist. While it was once thought of as a practical accessory to be able to tell time, the watch is now more about making a fashion statement than having a practical use.

The ability to tell time has changed quite a bit due to several technological advancements. There is no disputing that fact, as most people use their phones, laptops, or other mobile devices for the time and most types of information. Originally, humans did not really pay attention to “time” but they did observe changes in the season as well as when the day started and ended. They then began using sundials, hourglasses and water clocks to measure time. Before long, mechanical means were created with hour and minute hands. However, the timepieces were large and not portable.


The Invention of Portable “Clocks”

Portable clocks, or watches, were invented as early as the 15th century, but they were worn mainly by royalty. This was especially the case when they were encrusted with jewels. By the 17th century, they were more popular because they could be mass-produced and were hence cheaper. This meant the common people could afford them.

In fact, wearing a watch and winding it regularly soon became the sign of an ambitious and hardworking individual among the working class. Even after the mass production, though, watches were still quite an expensive purchase. They hence also stood for the rise of someone’s social class and successful economic status.

Watches for Men and Women

At this time, pocket watches were popular for men. Women, on the other hand, wore watches that were attached to a pin or a necklace. By the beginning of the 20th century, though, women wore wristwatches more than men did. This was only until the First World War, though, which was when soldiers began using wristwatches during their time in combat. Rolexes were an especially popular option, as they could handle rough use and extreme conditions without breaking down easily. In any case, wristwatches, in general, were necessary for soldiers to ensure that they were on time for military training and practices.

The Latest Fashion

Do you know that wearing wristwatches on the ankle is not even considered the latest in watch fashion? Even though most people probably do not remember it, women have worn their wristwatches on their ankles at various times in history. For example, a postcard from 1910 shows a man kneeling next to a woman so he can see what time it is on her ankle watch. Flappers in the 1920s wore their watches on their ankles, perhaps in defiance of the old prudish norms for women’s clothing.

Other Places for Wearing Watches

Over the years, people have worn their wear watches on their wrists, around their necks, their fingers, their forearms. It’s not surprising that now they’re back to wearing them on their ankles! Watches are no longer functional items; instead, they’re more like jewelry or symbols of wealth and status.

We first had ankle bracelets, so now ankle watches might be the next big thing in fashion. At first, ankle watches were specially designed to be thin and elegant. Now, they can be found with faces or dials of varying sizes.

Practical Uses for Ankle Watches

While an ankle watch might not make much sense as far as the function is concerned, it’s actually a logical decision in certain cases. For instance, many people now own smartwatches as well as smartphones, the Apple watch being the most commonly known among them. Then again there are also ankle fitness trackers which could act as digital watches but are actually worn for calculating the steps one takes throughout the day.

Many people now wear smartwatches or fitness trackers in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. They try to achieve a goal of a certain number of steps per day, in the hopes of losing weight or maintaining their health. These people would find it easier to wear their watches on their ankles, in the hopes of counting steps or burnt calories while they’re cycling or walking on a treadmill.

Work Purposes

The fashion of wearing ankle watches may also be practical for certain occupations. For instance, nurses might be required to keep their arms bare below the elbow for hygiene and functional purposes. Some baristas in coffee shops may also be instructed not to wear a watch on their wrists for fear of buildups or contaminations on the complex structures. Jobs like dentists, dental assistants, surgeons,

Since people in these professions might have reason to wear a watch or want their steps to count at work, they might try the ankle watch trend. However, it’s still doubtful whether fitness trackers could measure heart rates and pulse in that area. It might be advisable to wear the strap a little higher than the ankle if accurate measurements are necessary.

Celebrities Following the Trend

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, thinks wearing a watch in an ankle is a trend that will grow. She’s even gone so far as to put her money behind it. In fact, in 2008 she announced a new line of ankle watches. The watches were delicate and feminine, selling for around $23.99. This is quite a vote of confidence from the heiress and reality TV star, as she’s also a successful businesswoman.

Joey Essex is yet another celebrity who’s trying to make the ankle watch happen. He’s been photographed several times while flashing his ankle watch and has even shown it off deliberately on television. Unfortunately, the trend really doesn’t seem to be catching on, though Essex’s 80’s style doe have quite a following otherwise.


Even with backing from several more celebrities, the ankle watch trend never really did take off. However, there are many reasons why one might choose to wear their watch on their ankle rather than on their wrist. The trend might be a necessity for some rather than a fad, but it’s definitely a unique fashion statement. If it works for you, there’s no harm in trying it!