Cute Kids Watches – Having A Watch Can be Fun for Kids!

Kids love to wear accessories, especially if they’re bright and offer a bit of fun. Watches can be fun, giving the child something to toy around with. Of course, it’s also educational as they learn a little bit about how to tell time.

If you have kids yourself or need to get something fun for a child that you know, a watch can be the perfect idea. At around six or seven, kids can start to tell time. It would be fun and useful for them to learn about time management as well.

Reasons for Buying a Kid’s Watch

The great thing about today’s watch fashion for kids is that they come in hundreds of interesting styles that can match any kid’s particular interest. Another great aspect of kids’ watches is that they’re all relatively cheap (unless you want to go for the expensive Rolex with a very small band). This means that you won’t blow your budget too badly is and when the watch gets damaged or lost.

What to Watch Out For

When you give a kid a watch, you’re giving them a responsibility of sorts. They have to take care of the watch along and don’t have an excuse to be late anymore. If they’re active kids, you might have to look around for a rugged, sturdy watch that wouldn’t break or damage easily. You can also pick the right watch for their age in terms of fabric, gizmos, favorite characters, chewable, ruggedness and more.

Several Watch Choices

Kids watches come in pretty much every theme you can think of… There are superhero watches, science-oriented watches, brands like Hello Kitty, watch sets (one for every day or mood!), dress up watches, Disney characters, Princess…you name it and it’s available as a watch. You can also choose between digital or quartz or even one with a calculator on it!

Some watchmakers even provide “Loss Protection Plans”. For example, Timex has an offer on their Timex Kids’ Time Teacher watch, where they will replace it for $10 for up to one year. Of course, Amazon makes it very easy to search by style, fabric, theme, price, brand and more in their Kid’s Watch Store. You can also search by features such as water resistance, the inclusion of an alarm clock, etc.

Here are just a few of the cool kids watch ideas available in Amazon:

  • Frozen watches (particularly the model featuring Queen Elsa and Princess Anna)
  • Hello Kitty (always a girl’s favorite)
  • Toy Story
  • Lego
  • Camo (for the boy soldier!)
  • Mickey Mouse Club
  • Batman
  • Cars
  • Spy Watch (featuring world time, motion alarm, decoder screen and more)
  • Laser Pointer Watch
  • Star Wars

If you have an upcoming birthday or holiday and you need to find a fun, inexpensive gift that the child will immediately enjoy, select one of the hundreds of kids watches available. With just the right choice, you’d find a bright shining smiling face! This is what makes watch fashion for kids so great!

How to Choose the Perfect Kids’ Watch

The options listed above will tell anyone just how many choices you have in kids’ watches. You want to make sure that you get the design that the kids actually want. For example, not every little girl would like a princess-themed watch, so get a neutral one if you’re not sure about this. A functional watch like one with an alarm clock or laser pointer is sure to be appreciated.

If the child or teenager is a huge fan of a certain game, show, or anything else, look around and you’ll find a watch with the same theme soon enough. Hop on Amazon and start searching, or go for other buying and selling platforms such as eBay. Some online communities might also provide a way for you to customize the watch for the kid in order to make it the perfect gift.

Finally, you should also choose the watch based on the features it provides. Some people are now considering giving their child a smartwatch. This might be an expensive way to go, but it could be a great way for introducing kids to smart technology. With this kind of watch, the parents can get in touch with them, track them down through smartphone apps, and also give them the experience of wearing a trendy timepiece.

Popularity of Kids’ Watches

Throughout history, there’s been evidence of kids wearing watches for various reasons. In the former Soviet Union, for example, wristwatches were a popular trend among both kids and teenagers. There were two main companies that provided watches, especially for the youth. These were named Zarya and Chayka. Their watches had images of hockey players, motorcyclists, skaters, cyclists, and other trendy figures.

For younger children, the watches had drawings from various fairy tale characters and scenes on round dials. As the rise of the United States continued and the decline of the Soviet empire occurred, watches with American symbols such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck became very popular.

In earlier times, children of the powerful ruling class would always have a watch as part of their jewel-encrusted royal wardrobe. These would symbolize their status along with giving them a durable and valuable piece of jewelry to wear.


Many kids’ watches could make great gifts, but some children might want something a little fancier. While there are several expensive options that can cost upwards of $500, it’s not generally a good idea to get such a watch for kids. See if the child is mature and responsible enough before gifting them a high-end watch. However, we’d say that the best option is to get them a durable, cost-effective wristwatch that would stand some rough handling.