Major Watch Retailers and Brands

Owning a watch is a popular trend in many countries and a must-have in some areas as well. A watch serves to tell you the time and the date, which can be critical for your work or even for your home life (making sure everyone gets to the right place on time!). Imagine going for a lunch break and not knowing what time it is, or preparing for a doctor’s appointment and not knowing how much time you have.

Watches are also fashion statements, which may result in many people owning several watches. They might hence have one for going out, one for work, and even one for every day of the week. Like every symbol of power, wealth, and or responsibility, watches have a very rich history. Especially since the birth of the wristwatch, we have been seeing various forms of watch fashion. There are many popular watches out there to choose from, which might have prices ranging from cheap to hugely expensive.

There are many different well-known watch brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Citizen, Fossil, Michael Kors, Bulova, Guess and many, many more. All of these brands can offer you a great working watch at varying price ranges. When considering what type of watch you want, you will want to think about several factors. One of these could be whether the watch is specially made for a man or woman, or is unisex.

You will next want to make sure that you measure your wrist to determine the size of the band. Next, figure out what kind of display, design, and color you want for your watch. Many watch retailers carry many different options, so you should have no trouble finding what you want in a great watch. If you’re buying the watch for someone else, it might be a good idea to get their input on the kind of watch they require. For instance, you might want a professional-looking, neutral watch, but a child might prefer a more colorful design with a cartoon theme!

Finally, consider the price of the watch and compare that with the features it offers. Does it need to be a diving watch and go to great depths? Do you want a diamond-encrusted dial? Should the material contain gold, platinum, or some other precious metal? You may go for a leather strap or any of the other variations and options.

You might also consider a smartwatch such as the Pebble or the new one based on Android from Samsung. There’s also the Apple Watch, which is very popular among those who prefer the iOS system.

Where to Purchase

Watch Retailer

There are many places where you can purchase your watch from, both physical locations and online platforms. If you shop from some major watch retailers, you can find expensive and cheap watches. You may want a simple everyday watch for just a few dollars, or you might be looking to spend thousands at a jewelry store. The online world will help you out not just in buying a decent watch, but also helping you find the perfect choice based on online reviews and ratings.

When you browse for watches online, you can find many watch retailers along with sites that may sell luxury watches for a significant discount – definitely start with Amazon or eBay. You can buy used Rolexes and other luxury watches on eBay but beware of fakes!

There are also several specialty retailers including, Nordstrom,, and many more. In order to find them, the most you may have to do is just execute a Google search. Make sure the company you’re going with is well-established and famed for its quality performance, especially if you’re buying any type of luxury watch.

If you do not want to purchase a watch online, you can consider purchasing one from a local retailer. This is a commendable decision, as it will support your local watchmakers instead of taking your business to foreign brands.

Some of your department stores may carry the watch of your dreams, but you should also check with local jewelers to see if they have what you are looking for. With physical buying in an actual store, the benefit is that you can see and feel the watch prior to purchase. However, make sure you shop and compare prices first – that jewelry store in the mall probably doesn’t have the best price. Check out the brand of watches that a retailer offers, and you’ll have a fair idea of what you’ll get.

Swiss Brands

The Swiss are especially adept at creating, crafting and researching luxury watches. They’ve been making watches for several generations, which is partly the reason why their products are of such high quality. Omega is a Swiss brand that has a well-deserved global reputation, so you can’t go wrong with this choice. One of their best watches is the Omega Constellation.  If you’re looking for a really prestigious option, a Rolex watch will always be an impressive show of wealth. Some may also want a professional diver’s watch, which the Rolex Submariner can provide.

Patek Philippe and AudemarsPiguet

If you’re looking for the finest and most coveted watches in the world, these are the names you must keep in mind. Watches by these German manufacturers have been worn by the likes of Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney, and even Pablo Picasso. With such an elite clientele, you may be sure to get the ultimate luxury watch.

While this brand gives you many complicated timepiece choices with several additional features, there are also simple models to choose from. These include the famous Calatrava, which is a flagship model for the company.


Remember: when purchasing a watch, you should ideally take your time and find the watch that best suits your needs. Choosing the perfect watch can help make sure that you have a timepiece that will last you a lifetime! Not only will you enjoy wearing and using it, but a high-quality watch could even become a precious family heirloom one day!