9 Decorating Tips To Show Your Holiday Spirit

The ber months are here, which can only mean one thing—the Christmas season is fast approaching. But, even with this fact, many people nowadays find it hard to get into the holiday spirit due to their hectic schedules and busy lives.

Decorating your home with holiday decorations is an excellent way to help you get into the holiday spirit and feel the Christmas atmosphere. What’s more, putting up Christmas decorations will surely make your home cozier, inviting, and more festive.

Do you need a few ideas to help you add a touch of seasonal cheer to your home?  To get started, here are nine decorating tips to help you show and sink into the holiday spirit for the upcoming holidays:

1. Incorporate Holiday Flowers

Who says flowers are only for Valentine’s and other romantic occasions?  Flowers are also perfect for boosting the holiday spirit of your home. There are numerous types of holidays flowers available, which you can use to decorate your house for Christmas. These may include poinsettias, red and white roses, amaryllis, and white lilies. What’s more, you can also use these holiday flowers to spread Christmas cheer for your loved ones. So, transform your home into a festive atmosphere and shop for some holiday flowers.

2. Decorate With Bows

One of the most famous symbols of Christmas is ribbons, specifically the red and green ones. You can find these ribbons in the malls and even on dollar stores for low prices.

Once you have them, you can use them in decorating, basically, any place or item you can think of. You can attach ribbons to doorknobs, candlesticks, chair backs, plants, and wreaths. Aside from red and green ribbons, you can experiment with other colors or go for metallic silver and gold ribbons. Lastly, when the Christmas season is over, you can simply untie them and keep them safe to reuse them next year.

3. Hang Holiday Wreaths

Another way to boost the holiday spirit of your home is by hanging holiday wreaths. You can choose to buy them in stores or create your own!  Then, hang them on your front door as a great way to welcome your house guests with the Christmas spirit. You can also display them in other places, such as bedroom doors, windows, and even in your headboards.

4. Display Sweet Treats

Aside from Halloween, Christmas is also associated with sweet treats, such as gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and Christmas-themed cupcakes. If possible, you can buy some wrapped candies and candy canes, and place them together in a huge fruit bowl. You can also display your baked goods, like cookies and cupcakes, beside the bowl. Now, you have a display of Christmas treats in your kitchen or dining table, which you can serve anytime for your guests.

5. Create Christmas Cards With Your Family

If you’re already feeling the holiday spirit, why not spread it with your friends and loved ones, too?  Plan a specific day of the week to meet up with your family and friends. You can use this time to create Christmas cards together, and, then, use these as part of your tree decorations.

While making cards, you can also use this time to hang out with one another, wear matching Christmas attires, and enjoy cups of hot cocoa drinks together. Better yet, you can do this as your family’s Christmas ritual.

6. Use More Glitter

Even a simple glitter and sparkle can do wonders in lifting the holiday spirit of your home. So, for this year, why not incorporate more glitter into your Christmas decorations?  For instance, instead of the standard Christmas balls, use the glittery ones. You can also use a glittery star to decorate the top of your Christmas tree. Instead of the usual red Christmas stockings, you can use glittery ones to add more shimmer to your home.

7. Decorate Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, make sure not to forget decorating it, too. You can put up a Christmas wreath filled with poinsettias around the mantel. To finish the look, add some candlesticks on both sides of the mantel and hang some Christmas stockings to complement your Christmas tree decorations.

8. Put Up The Christmas Tree

Of course, your Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Christmas tree. After all, no house is too small for a Christmas tree. Traditionally, the Christmas tree should be in the living room. But, if you wish to do something different this year, you can put it up on the entryway, on the front porch, or even on your outdoor living room. You can also put up a miniature Christmas tree on your nightstand or your work desk.

9. Put On The Holiday Music

Playing Christmas songs may not be considered a decoration, but playing holiday music will surely boost the holiday spirit in your home. So, take out your speakers and place them somewhere near your Christmas tree. Once you’re home from work, play some soothing Christmas tunes, and you’ll surely feel cozy while lounging in your living room with a hot cup of chocolate drink.


You see, decorating your home for Christmas isn’t always hard as it seems. With a few ribbons there, a small Christmas tree on the entryway, and the sound of calming Christmas songs, you’ll, indeed, feel the holiday spirit sinking into your home in no time.