The perfect match: 5 tips on how to pick the right jewelry

It’s a fact that ladies take more time choosing an outfit than anything else (makeup may come close). But, what’s the use of taking up all that time and still feeling jealous seeing Lisa from HR’s gorgeous hoops and engagement ring? That’s why you must pay extra attention when you open your jewelry box because that’s how you will transform your outfits. The right piece of jewelry can bring glamor and chicness to an otherwise dull style. Many ladies suffer from indecisiveness, especially when trying to choose accessories for a significant outfit. Worry no more because, with our spy-level fashion research, we bring you the ultimate tips on how to pick the right jewelry to perfectly match your outfit. You can check out a lot more on Roy Jewels.

1. Consider your skin tone

The last thing you were expecting about choosing jewelry was choosing it according to your skin tone. But that’s a fashion fact. If you want your jewelry to compliment your attire perfectly, you must consider your complexion. For instance, gold jewelry greatly compliments dark hair colors and matte skin. In contrast, more relaxed skin tones go well with bright colors like red and purple.

On the other hand, Silver is a universal color that suits almost all skin tones and fashion styles. Diamond studs and silver rings look phenomenal with long sleeves and high necklines. We’d also recommend taking a trip to a sterling silver manufacturer because these are game-changers! Put together an LBD with a pair of sterling silver crystal ball stud earrings, and you’d be the star of the show.

2. Accessorize according to the occasion

You don’t wear sweatpants to an office party, do you? We are conditioned to dress according to the occasion, so why not do the same for jewelry? For instance, when you are dressing for work, jewelry that is too dangly or makes noise isn’t appropriate as it causes distraction. In the same way, you don’t wear jewelry that is too dressy for casual hangouts. For example, choose a minimal layered necklace, studs, and watch if you are going for a chic casual look consisting of a plain turtleneck, jeans, and ankle boots. A date night accounts for sparkle that will best come from diamond earrings and a delicate pendant—going with a monochrome, plain outfit? Chunky bangles and bulky earrings will make you stand out. Categorizing your jewelry according to the occasion helps in choosing the right piece.

3. Pay attention to necklines

The neckpiece that you’ll be wearing for the day should depend on your outfit’s neckline. Are you going for a V-neck or a square and a deep plunge? In this case, medium-length neckpieces with the shape of your neckline serve best. These can include triangle pendants and low-profile statement necklaces. Going strapless or sweetheart neck for a party? Try a mid-length beaded necklace paired with drop earrings and a delicate bracelet. A chunky choker that sits tight on your neck is also an excellent choice for tube tops or a strapless dress. Similarly, a double-chain chunky pendant will look gorgeous on a scoop neck. At the same time, complex, thick dangly necklaces will complement your off-the-shoulder outfit fantastically.

4. Consider the shape of your face

Whether you have a diamond-shaped or oval face, every shape is unique. Alongside your skin tone, your face shape is also essential in choosing jewelry to complement your face and outfit. Take square faces; their shape is in the jawline, which means that large earrings and curved shape pendants will help balance your angular jawline. Similarly, a heart-shaped face’s narrow forehead and wide cheekbones are best complemented by short necklaces and chunky chokers to bring roundness to the chin. For standard shapes like round and oval, you can experiment with a bit of mix and match. For instance, long necklaces and pendants help balance oversized attire. At the same time, chandelier earrings with a flattering length look gorgeous coupled with a cocktail dress. When going for earrings, we recommend choosing complex shapes, while hoops would work too.

5. Choose a centerpiece

It is essential to have that one piece that draws attention and brings the entire outfit together. It would help if you chose a focal piece that is put together with lighter ones to avoid making your outfit look gaudy. It is easy to overwhelm your entire look, and as the experts say, “when in doubt, wear less.” Wearing jewelry is about having the right pieces balance your style and not simply wearing anything you can get your hands on. Try choosing a centerpiece such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, and then work other pieces around it. If you choose a chunky choker with a strapless dress, going for large hoops won’t make sense. You should select subtler elements and spread them out, such as thin gold bracelets and small drop earrings. Try not to wear one or two bold pieces together in the same area.


Jewelry is a woman’s best friend when it comes to wearing something that complements their style. The correct statement jewelry can add glamor to even the dullest of dresses. That is why it is vital to consider the above factors when choosing the right jewelry. It is all about matching pieces that are well spread out and don’t overwhelm your style. Also, over-accessorizing is not a trend. Therefore, personalize your collection, keep a few go-to pieces that best complement your face and skin tone, and you are ready for action!