Embrace Your Holiday Spirit with Ugly Christmas Attire

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start searching for holiday apparel for the whole family. If you’re into the tradition of wearing matching Christmas pajamas or donning ugly Christmas sweaters, don’t wait until the last minute to find the right choice.

When Did Ugly Sweaters Become a Thing?

Although nobody can pinpoint the exact moment ugly Christmas sweaters became a tradition, they were frequently featured on TV sitcoms in the mid-80s and ’90s. Often, the socially-awkward boyfriend would wear a tacky sweater to meet his girlfriend’s parents, after which hilarity ensued. The first sweaters were bulky cardigans with designs so gaudy they were funny. As time went on, almost everyone wanted to get in on the fun, adding blinking lights and other baubles to the sweaters.

What Other Garments Embrace the Ugly Sweater Idea?

The ugly Christmas motif isn’t just for sweaters anymore but also for Christmas onesies. You can find Christmas dresses for women in all the same wacky designs and colors. When you wear giant-sized prints with candy canes, Christmas trees or snowflakes to a party, there won’t be a lull in the conversation.

Christmas pajamas have grown quite popular in recent years. Some families buy matching sets each holiday season for the family Christmas photo. On Christmas Eve, design a fun game where everyone take turns unwrapping the pajamas. Afterward, sit around the fireplace, drink hot chocolate and sing Christmas Carols.

Family Christmas outfits are another fun and endearing tradition that everyone will enjoy. Suits and dresses are great for mom and dad, while the kids will love comfy overalls and sweatpants, all in matching patterns. Don’t forget to buy a bandana or sweater for Fido in the same print.

Christmas traditions are a fun way to make lasting memories for your kids and grandkids. Ugly Christmas attire will keep you laughing while you spend time together each holiday.