4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Favorite Wardrobe Pieces

When you go through your wardrobe, no matter how few the pieces of clothing you have, there are certain ones that you treat with special attention. Because these are your well-loved pieces, surely, you’d want to take good care of them, often expanding their intended lifespans or work them through a lot of wear and tear.

Most importantly, taking good care of your wardrobe pieces—be it women’s wear or menswear—also means you’re contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. With improved manufacturing methods and more durable materials, fast fashion (where clothes are thrown away after a few times of wearing and then become too torn and too disheveled to even make it through reselling or donating, filling more of the world’s landfills) has almost seen its end.

That said, taking good care of your favorite wardrobe pieces isn’t a difficult task to accomplish. You can start with the tips on this article.

1. Buy Clothing Made Of Durable Fabrics

From today moving forward, it’s best to choose clothing pieces from quality brands such as CALIBRE that are made from durable fabrics. These types of fabrics last longer than others and also require a lot less care.

Some of the most durable fabric options you should go for are made from the following materials:

  • Hemp: Clothes made out of hemp fabric are biodegradable. So if your hemp clothing pieces have indeed met their last legs, you can simply bury them in your backyard, and then they’ll decompose as part of your mulch.
  • This kind of fabric is one of the most durable out in the market. Plus, it’s also very breathable and is also moth-resistant. If you live in tropical climates, linen is the best option so you can have long-lasting clothing that won’t make you sweat as much.
  • For colder months, sweaters made of wool are of extremely good quality. This means even if you wear your sweaters repetitively during these cold months, they don’t succumb to wear and tear.

2. Use A Delicates Bag

Your delicates may not be wardrobe pieces that are immediately visible, but given that quality pieces are often pricey, you’ll want to take good care of them. That way, your delicates won’t easily have unsightly holes and tears on them.

Before chucking your delicates in the washing machine, put it all in a delicates bag first. This is a mesh bag, used to hold all your underwear so they don’t fly all over the place in the washing machine. You can reduce the likelihood of your underwear getting torn apart while in the washing machine if they’re kept safe in a delicates bag.

3. Fold Clothes The Right Way

The best way to fold your clothes is to follow its natural seams and not fold against it. You can maintain your clothes’ shape and avoid unwanted creases when they’re maintained and kept well that way—including the way you fold them.

To ensure your clothes are always folded the right way, always fold your clothes on a flat surface to minimize unsightly wrinkles and creases. Whenever possible, fold your clothes after every wash so you won’t have to face a mountain to fold. Otherwise, when you rush, you won’t keep a close eye on quality of the folds and throw them in your closet as long as they fit.

4. Bring A Stain Removal Pen Whenever Possible

If you have young children at home or if your job puts you through a lot of mess, bringing a stain removal pen with you all the time might save you and your favorite shirt from unsightly marks. This pen may be a small thing, but it takes care of stains right when it happens. That way, the stain doesn’t dry up on the fabric. And when it does and when you wait until you’re home to take care of the stains, removing them might to be more than challenging.

A stain removal pen may not remove the stain completely, but at least it does its job before the stains become too hard. When it comes to your favorite wardrobe pieces, there’s nothing more that could push you to throwing those pieces away than unsightly stains that are difficult to clean up. You can make your clothes last longer when you remove stains on the spot.


Whether you’ve got expensive or cheaper pieces of clothing, there are always certain things that you can do to improve their durability. The more that you take good care of your clothes, the longer they’ll last. Especially for those clothing pieces you’ve identified as your favorites, your main goal should be to increase their lifespan. If you take care of your clothes, you can go through longer seasons of wear and tear without your clothes looking worn out and sad. Start by following the tips shared in this post.