Best Breeches for Women with Athletic Builds

Many brands of riding breeches are available today, making it more challenging to find the perfect set for an athletic built woman. Breeches provide comfort while riding and be flexible enough on the saddle to deal with friction and sweating. Breeches come in different shapes, textures, and colors. You certainly want to spend your money on a set of riding breeches that you can wear almost every day and use for a year. A perfect set of breeches is the key to a smooth ride.

Types of Breeches 

There are three different types of breaches, and each designed to suit a particular purpose. They include knee-patch breeches, riding tights, and full-seat breeches.

  • Knee-patch breeches, as the name suggests, the fabric offers grip at the knee area. This set is best for hunters and jumpers for a comfortable riding experience.
  • Full-seat breeches the gripping of the fabric extends from the butt region, the inner thigh to the knee. This type of breeches provides a stickier seat holding the rider firmly to the saddle.
  • Riding tights are unlike the traditional breeches as they have no front or zip closure; they blend breeches and athletic stockings. They do have a knee patch or a full-seat grip depending on your preference.

What to Look for in a Pair of Breeches 

As much as you want to buy a pair of breeches that looks amazing for your athletic build, there are other factors to consider when making a purchase.

  • Avoid breeches with seams running inside the pants as they tend to increase friction.
  • Ensure the breeches fit like a glove and still give room for stretching while riding.
  • Buy breeches to feel the horse as communication between riders and their horses is essential for safety and winning competitions.
  • Go for breeches made of good fabric perfect for grip on the saddle while riding.
  • Purchase breeches with a fast-drying material to absorb the sweat and moisture keeping you dry when horse riding.

You will ultimately want to find a vendor that carries a wide range of options, such as Equoware. Some of the best breeches for women with athletic builds include:

Ovation Aqua-X Ladies Silicone Knee Patch Breeches

The Ovation’s Aqua-X breeches are suitable for hot days as they have UV protection. The grip fabric is made of silicon, enabling it to provide adequate circulation and moisture management. The material gives the rider a more relaxed feeling making it worth every penny. The cost of these breaches ranges from $129-140.

Elation Platinum Chelsea Breech

Greenhawk makes these high-quality and comfortable breeches. The Platinum Chelsea Breeches have a Euro-seat design at the back and well-situated pockets and belt loops. The structure of the breach compliments every figure, giving the rider a beautiful appearance. The waist is low-rise giving enough room for stretching. These breeches are available in different color combinations giving riders a range of choices. A set will cost you about $123.

Kerrits New Women’s Crossover II Knee Patch Breech

For $99, you can get yourself this pair of tights. This breech is well-tailored and polished, giving off a lighter feeling. If socks are what you prefer to ride in, then you should get yourself a pair. The material is stretchy, durable, and not see-through. In addition, these crossover breeches come with knee patch support making them perfect wear for competitions.

SmartPak Hadley Breeches

The Hadley breeches are to die for as they are comfortable, lightweight, soft material giving you enough space for stretch. This set comes with both a knee patch and a full seat making it perfect for competitions. You can sweat in them all day, and they will still give a relaxed and comfortable feeling. For $120, you can get treat yourself to a pair.

Ariat Women’s Tri-Factor Grip Full-Seat Breeches

Ariat’s breeches best worn during spring and fall. There is a unique design using Freeze Point cooling technology which keeps the pants cool and allows them to dry quickly. The fabric is soft, covers the entire seat, and extends to the calf and ankles. At about $130, you can get yourself a pair for competitions and casual wear.

RJ Classics Aria Ladies’ Silicone Full-Seat Breech

These babies are unique with their fabric-covered interior waistband and panels, allowing excellent stretch coverage. In addition, the material allows for quick dry, and they are available in fitting sizes. For $215, you will enjoy wearing these breeches.

Noble Outfitters Balance Riding Tight

What stands out most about these breeches is that they never fade; the original color is retained even after many years. They are suitable for hot weather with their drying technology. They have extra pockets you can slide your cell phone and other hidden ones on the inner part of the waistband.

Kerrits Women’s Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

These breeches will give the rider a slim and trim appearance which you will love if that’s what you prefer. They are full-seat to provide you with saddle confidence and have a three-inch waistband for comfort and are inclusive of belt loops. At $94, you can get yourself a pair of these breeches perfect for year-round riding.

Horze Leah Women’s UV Pro Riding Tights

These types of tights are made of silicon which is comfortable and offers a much-needed grip power on the saddle. They are available in fun colors which are uncommon in riding pants. The waist is a mid-rise with a stretchy waistband. They also have an additional crystals pocket top giving the tights a subtle finish.

Goode Rider Jean Rider Breech

Finding a nice pair of riding jeans is next to impossible, but the Goode Rider Jean Rider Breech makes it easy. This set is everything you dreamed it would be, with the suede fabric offering a full-seat cover and a required grip. In addition, the jean allows room for stretching without restricting movement at the seat or knee area.