How to Find Perfectly Fitting Underwear

If you are between sizes, finding perfectly fitting underwear can be very difficult. With that said, finding good underwear can be hard for just about everybody. Perfectly fitting underwear and underwear we like are few and far between and often cost an arm and a leg. Even so, we hope to explain to you a few tips and tricks to find not only perfectly fitting underwear but underwear that you absolutely love. There is a lot that must go into the decision-making process when it comes to your underwear, for you will be wearing them every day (not the same pair!), so you must like them.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can find perfectly fitting underwear for women. We hope that you will enjoy this page and that you will come back and visit us again soon.

Here is how to find perfectly fitting underwear.

What Do You Need It For?

First and foremost, you need to establish what you need particular underwear for. If you need it for sleep and are searching for the best bras to sleep in, you may want to find looser fitting underwear, whereas, in the day, you will want tight, supportive underwear. This should be factored into your decision-making process and you should give this serious consideration when you are searching for underwear. Always think, first, what do you need the underwear for, then shop according to that. Think first, buy later!

What Fabric Do You Want?

Some fabrics fit better than others. The reason for this is that many fabrics will shrink through washing, or at the very least, will mold themselves to the shape of your body. Silk, linen, and cotton are good fabrics for this. Because of this, we only recommend you find 100% natural underwear, or 90% natural and 10% polyester. Synthetic underwear is, on the whole, not comfortable, and can just be a real chore to maintain (and difficult to find a pair that actually fits you). Give fabric serious consideration when it comes to your underwear, trust us on that., advised from Knotty Knickers. The concept for Knotty Knickers underwear stemmed from an unmet need for affordable women’s undergarments and the desire to provide every woman the opportunity to look and feel best instead of marginalized. The company was started in 2017 as a two-person operation, and the owners worked diligently to understand every aspect of business and maintain equity. Knotty Knickers has expanded to serve 250,000 subscribers and seeks to extend its services globally.

What Size Are You?

With underwear, you get very limited sizes, unless of course, you are buying higher-end underwear, in which case you can get it according to your waist size. For us department store shoppers, however, it is important for us to give serious thought to our size and to shop according to it. Most people, surprisingly, do not actually know what size they are, and because of this, spend their lives walking around in ill-fitting clothes. Do your measurements then compare them to the size measurements listed on the back of the packet.

Where Do You Shop?

If you have the money like we just mentioned in the previous point, then you can shop in higher-end shops that offer bespoke underwear, or at the very least, underwear that comes in a larger variety of sizes. It is the opinion of this author that everybody if only once, should have a pair of expensive underwear. Your body is far too precious to be walking around in rough, ill-fitting fabrics. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly fitting, comfortable set of underwear. While expensive, yes, it is a treat that you should get yourself at least once in your life.

How Do You Shop?

Many people have their spouses or parents to buy them their underwear. All of the points we have just made become instantly redundant if this is the case, because they will seldom find you underwear you like fabric wise, nor will they know your size (probably). We think it’s time that, if you are so concerned about the fit of your underwear, that you begin shopping for yourself and do not allow anyone else to do it for you. You go out and buy your underwear from now on, and that way, there is no room for error.


It’s important that you actually look at the packaging of the underwear that you buy. So many people go through life not paying attention to anything around them and ignoring the packaging of the items of clothing that they buy. Look at the packaging, check the measurements, the fabric, and everything else that we have mentioned here. Actually know what you are buying, rather than bundling it into a trolley and paying for them. Look and pay attention and then you can ensure you always get the best fitting underwear.

In this article, we really hope to have simplified finding the best fitting underwear and hope that moving forward, you will only wear underwear that fits and that you are comfortable in. Thank you for visiting us and reading this article, and we hope you come back and visit us again sometime soon.