Yellow Throw Pillows to Add Extra Sunshine, Warmth, and Energetic Atmosphere to Your Space

An extra touch of yellow can change the way your home looks and feels. Adding yellow throw pillows to your living space would help to create an energetic and warm atmosphere. However, there are many throw pillows on the market today, and not all of them will add that additional sunshine look and feel to your space.

In this article, we have carefully selected some of the most beautiful yellow pillows that will bring out the charm in any living space. Our selection of the best yellow throw pillows is more than throw pillows, as they serve as designer accessories on the couch, sofa, chair, bed, and more. Here are our top selections:

Fashion Vespa II Throw Pillow

The Fashion Vespa II Throw Pillow comes with a stunning and attractive design. This cushion is for those who love fashion and style. It has a classy design, and it will steal the shine in your living room, bedroom, office, or patio.

It has a black channel bike printed at the edge, which gives it a multi-color design. The texture is a little bit rough but comforting and soft. The material and rough texture of the cushion make it less vulnerable to dirt. It does not attract dirt easily, and you can easily wash it with a machine when it does. You can also dry it with a dryer.

This cushion has a square shape, and it is available in three different sizes – 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. It also has an outdoor variant that you can use outdoors, and it is both water-resistant and stain-resistant.

The Lady Throw Pillow

The Lady Throw Pillow is another highly decorated throw pillow that will make a great addition to any living space. If you are an artwork enthusiast, then you would love this cushion. The artistic design on this cushion is exceptional and lovely. It has multiple shades of yellow, blue, orange, and black.

These beautiful yellow throw pillows can fit in different colors of couches, sofas, beds, etc. However, it would shine more on brown or black sofas because of the amazing color combination. Another beautiful thing about this cushion is that it is easy to clean when it gets dirty. You can wash it with a machine and dry it with a dryer.

The material with which it was made is soft, comfortable, and highly durable. It can serve multiple purposes, including being used as a headrest.

Queen Bee Throw Pillow

The Queen Bee Throw Pillow is one of the most outstanding cushions on our list. This is more than a throw pillow – it is a designer accessory. It would make your living space more colorful and bright. The cushion is soft, smooth, and highly comfortable. You can use it in different parts of the home including the bedroom, living room, barstools, couch, sofa, and more. It would add a luxurious feel to any space it occupies.

It also has a portable version that you can use in cars; it measures 16 by 16 inches. The medium and large sizes, which measure 18 by 18 inches and 20 by 20 inches, are great for couches, beds, sofas, offices, and more.

It also has an outdoor version that you can use in your patio or backyard. The outdoor throw pillow is designed with 100 percent polyester and it resists water and stain. They are both durable, comfortable, machine washable, and dryable.

Be Yourself Ladybug Cat Noir Throw Pillow

We have another astonishing yellow throw pillow on our list – the Be Yourself Ladybug Cat Noir Throw Pillow. If you want to add glamor and style to your living space, then this is one of the best yellow pillows to opt for. It has an attractive design, and it would sit perfectly on white, green, navy blue, hot or pale pink, and light purple sofas.

It features a high-quality image of Ladybug on both sides. This cushion as well as the image printed on it will not fade out, even when you wash it frequently. Fortunately, you might not have to wash it frequently, as it is made with a material that resists stains. It is also machine washable, which makes it easy to clean.

This cushion is handmade with fine, durable material. Frequent use will not cause any wear and tear, as it features quality stitching.

Dream Love Throw Pillow

The Dream Love Throw Pillow is one of those cushions that will always bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it. The design of this pillow is not complex – very simple. However, it passes a very important message that will always keep you going. Whenever you step into your living room, bedroom, or office with this cushion, it will always remind you to love, laugh, and dream.

It has an appealing yellow finish, and the letters are in different adorable colors. The cushion itself is very soft and comforting. These yellow throw pillows makes your space more colorful when you mix it with complementing colors such as silver, light blue, pink, brown, and even black.

It would also make a great gift for your loved ones, colleagues, and friends. You can get it in three different sizes, and it has an outdoor and indoor variant too.

Fashion Lips Throw Pillow

If you want to add a unique touch to your living space or make your bed more romantic, then this is the right throw pillow for you. These yellow pillows can fit anywhere, and the lips décor on it is simply amazing. It has glossy, red lips on it, which looks real.

It is very soft and comfortable, but the texture is a bit rough, which makes it even better. This pillow would even make a great addition to any lounge, thanks to its attractive design. It features high-quality stitching, and it is made with machine washable, durable fabric.


Our selection of yellow pillows will not only brighten up your space but also serve as designer accessories to liven things up in your living space. The AllAboutVibe store is the perfect place to get all types of throw pillows regardless of the color, shape, style, and design you want.