What is the Meaning Behind Flower Colors: A Guide!

Flowers play a significant role in everyone’s lives. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love flowers; an only exceptional case can be when a person has allergies from them, but in no way can they deny the pleasure flowers can bring.

Apart from their extraordinary beauty, flowers also have a specific colour that has a vital significance. So, if you’re thinking of gifting anyone flowers soon, make sure you know what they mean and what it signifies.

Below, we have gone through thorough research that tells you precisely the meaning behind each flower colour and much more! So, if you are thinking of gifting some blue roses anytime soon, let’s check out what they signify in the section below.

Why Knowing the Behind Flowers Colors is Important?

Flowers have immense power in signifying a lot of messages. And the tradition waves way back in the olden times since the 1800s. It is usually called the language of flowers or floriography.

Since each flower colour sends out a specific message, you have to mindfully choose the right one to give to your loved ones. Flowers have a silent way of explaining a lot, so you have to mindfully choose the colour correctly and then give it to the person.

So, aren’t you eager to know which one to choose to give your favourite person? Let’s not waste any more time in checking out the segment below!

What is the Meaning of Each Flower Colors? – 10 Flower Color Meanings!

Let’s check out our segment below to find out what the meaning of each flower colour means! Let’s check them out below!

1. Pink!

We all know pink is a girl’s favourite! Don’t we? Well, is that all? We are afraid not! Pink is the sign of joy, gentleness, and loads of happiness. It also shows appreciation, love, and beauty. So, if you think of sending these messages to anyone, pink is the choice to make!

2. Purple!

Purple flowers signify admiration, tradition, dignity, success, accomplishment, and of course, pride. So, if your little one has soon got a promotion or graduated from school, it’s time to tell the florist to get purple flowers.

3. Lavender

When we talk about lavender, don’t we think about the beauty we get from these flowers? Similarly, the flowers are delicate and reflect something soft and precious. It also defines youth, refinement, elegance, and relaxation. Go for lavender flowers if you’re thinking about gifting your sister some flowers.

4. Blue

Serenity and peace are the synonyms of blue flowers. Anyone with a tiring work schedule going through emotional turmoil must be given blue flowers. In fact, it has immense power in diffusing the anxiety and giving them clarity in life.

5. Red

The colour red goes hand-in-hand with love, desire, and passion. But did you know that red flowers signify respect as well? Well, if you respect someone, red flowers can be an ideal choice for you. It also reflects a gesture of courage. So, not only love but red flowers have other meanings as well.

6. Yellow

Haven’t we given our friends yellow roses on friendship day? Well, if you haven’t, you can very well go ahead and do so! However, we must mention that yellow flowers also depict celebrations and greetings for new beginnings. It’s a sign of joy, success, pride, and happiness. So, if you wish to cheer someone up, yellow flowers it is!

7. Orange

Orange happens to be citrus and juicy fruit that stirs your tastebuds. Similarly, even orange flowers depict the same. It shows enthusiasm, energy, warmth, excitement, and life as a whole. You can take them to cheer someone up, show enthusiasm, and live as a whole.

8. Green

Green is generally symbolized as a renewal or a sign of rebirth. You can give these coloured flowers to some to wish them good health as well. In fact, green flowers are a great way to boost someone’s fortune as well.

9. White

White is related to serenity, sympathy, honesty, and spirituality. That’s the reason you take white flowers to a funeral. However, white flowers can work well to depict apologies. It’s a great way of saying sorry in both ways.

10. Mixed Bouquet

As we approach the end, we thought of explaining to you what a mixed bouquet says. A mixture of these colours shows excitement and harmony—all the meanings mentioned above with a perfect drop of elegance and empathy.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know each colour’s significance and what it depicts. So, go ahead and choose the ones suitable for the situation and say a lot by making a minute gesture.