Watches That Do More Than Tell Time

Watches That Do More Than Tell Time

Traditionally, the sole purpose of watches was to tell us the time. Many might still think that watches that stuffed with gadgets only existed in science fiction and detective stories. But now, watches that have lots of functions, aside from telling time, have become a reality. Yes, you can be an immediate spy when you’re wearing a watch that also does video and audio recording.

Although you can’t expect today’s watches to emit laser beams like the watches in some science-fiction movies, the following kinds of multi-functional cool watches are more than enough to keep your nerdy side tickled pink.

Watches That Do More Than Tell Time


Spy Camera Watches

There are a whole bunch of spy camera watches out there that have video and audio recording capabilities. Some of these models might even record for as long as an hour. These kinds of watches come in various colors, styles, and capabilities. They can come in neutral shades for professional use of in funky colors to act as arm candy.

Such watches might come in handy when you want to record a business meeting or just for fun with your friends. However, they might not be legal everywhere, so make sure to read up on your local laws.

USB Drive Watches

If you are truly a secretive person and don’t want anyone to check your phone or laptop (or your cloud storage), these watches come equipped with USB drive. These are among the safest place to store your files and make sure that no one views your personal photos and videos without your permission.

With this watch, you can take along your files with you, anywhere, anytime. There are watches that have USB drives with a capacity of up to 8 GB. This is pretty amazing for such a small gadget. However, some regular USBs are also quite small, so the size isn’t too surprising. The great advantage here is that while you may lose a small USB, a watch would usually be on your person at all times.

Night Vision Watches

These are your usual spy watches, only equipped with night vision features. You might even be able to get a full set of such watches for around $70 online. They’re awesome watches for when you’re hanging out with friends, at the cinema, or just find yourself caught in the dark somewhere.

Night vision watches also make for e cool and interesting gadget. You may not be able to whip out your phone all the time, but watches like these would prepare you for an emergency.

Bluetooth Watches

With their Bluetooth capacity, these watches link to your smartphone. You can hence turn on the vibration of your watch, and discreetly glance at your watch if it rings during that important meeting. This way, you’d be sure of not missing any important messages or calls.

The function of Bluetooth watches may not seem like much, but it’s quite useful if you have an emergency situation. For instance, you can watch for a call from a sick friend, pregnant wife, or your teen who’s alone at home.

Beat Watches

Beat watches have a gesture-controlled music player that tracks your performances while you’re running. Beat is one of the few brands that produce such watches. This kind of watch is hence a fitness tracker that also plays music while you’re exercising.

Media Player Watches

If entertainment is your thing, a media player watch is suitable for you. You can play music and videos anytime, anywhere — from just your watch. Some media player watches might take a some technical smarts to get them working just right.

With such a watch on your wrist, you can easily listen to music in the classroom, libraries, on a plane, or in waiting rooms. This would allow you to save you phone’s battery and make yourself less conspicuous. Since you’d always have your watch with you, there’s no need to weight yourself with yet another device.

Astronomy Watches

The prime example of an astronomy watch is the Midnight Planetarium Poetic Complication watch. This watch is an incredible feat of engineering, design, and craftsmanship. Aside from telling you the time, this watch also accurately displays the movement of the planets of the solar system as they orbit the sun. When all the features are taken into account, the $245,000 price tag isn’t so surprising.

There are also more affordable astronomy watches like the Planisphere Watch, whose price ranges from $65 to $80. This will help you find relevant stars and constellations on any night of the year by simply rotating the bi-directional bezel. Astronomy students and those who’re fascinated by anything to do with space will highly appreciate such a gift.

Walkie-Talkie Watches

These walkie-talkie watches bring lots of fun, especially when you’re going to pretend you’re in a spy movie. All you need is a friend who has the same walkie-talkie watch, thus obtaining a direct line to your wrist.

Such a watch could really come in handy when you want to stay in touch with someone in general. For instance, you could buy a set of two watches and give one to your friend or sibling so you could be in touch all the time. However, you probably have to be within a certain radius for them to work.


A smartwatch is a fully computerized wristwatch which nearly has all the features that your smartphone does. Smartwatches, like smartphones, have their own operating system and also run mobile apps (albeit limited). Some smartwatches may support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, or all three. Such devices may host an array of features including a camera and video, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, chronograph, compass, speaker, and even a slot for SD cards. However, some smartwatches cannot run as a standalone device and need compatible smartphones in order to operate effectively.

Bike Speedometer

If you enjoy riding bikes and want to measure your statistics, a watch with a speedometer might come in handy. This kind of watch comes with a case which you can detach and mount on your handlebars while riding. Hence, it become a bicycle speedometer and let you know how fast you’re going. This would also help you stray within the legal limits in certain areas.

Speedometer watches usually have several modes, where you can switch between speed, time, and other options. When you’re wearing the watch on your wrist, it would tell the time. When mounted on your bike, it could let you known of your average speed, current speed, and the distance travelled. There may also be other modes such as Chrono, which turns the dial into a stopwatch. Then again, there should also be a feature that lets you know of any text messages or other notifications.


A simple watch that tells the time is a useful gadget, but many people are doing away with this. While you can always tell the time with your phone, there are several advantages that the above watches can give you. They’d also make excellent gifts for your friends, so consider one for the next occasion.