Ultimate Checklist To Buy The Right Men’s Watch

Are you a newbie watch enthusiast looking to buy you’re first quality watch? Or maybe you’re a veteran looking to improve your keen eye for the best watch to add to your collection? Whatever the case, we’ll show you our ultimate checklist to make sure you purchase the right kind of timepiece.

1. Why Do You Want To Buy A Watch?

Nowadays, technically you don’t really need watches because one can basically tell time through their phones. But, a lot of men still prefer to own watches, and they usually have a definite and clear reason; you need to identify that reason.

Do you want to buy a watch because of a need? Maybe you’re a professional, and you need a watch because your job requires you always to keep track of time? Maybe you need a watch that is going to look great because you’re starting a new career you know that watches will send a powerful message? Whatever it may be, know why you’re going to buy a watch.

2. What Type Of Watch  Do You Want?

Are you going to buy a mechanical watch? Or a quartz-powered one? Or are you going actually to go with a smartwatch? What you want to do is to narrow down your options because there are tons of them, and you want to zero in on the type of watch that you really want.  Be sure to check out options at this url as well.

3. Choose The Style

Next up is deciding the style of the watch. So, you’ve decided on the type of watch, but what about the style? There is a wide variety of watch styles out there. You have sports watches, dive watches, dress watches, field watches, aviator watches, and racing watches. Choose one that best suits your day-to-day activities.

4. Pick You Features


Next up, figure out specific features you demand your watch. Some of the best automatic watches in the market have features like water resistance, pressure release valve, reliable alarm system, time zones, temperature readers.

 These are all of the things that, once you put down what you need, you’re going to find the number of watches you have to choose from is going to start to be more specific. You’re actually narrowing down the selection, and it becomes easier to find and identify your dream watch.

5. Decide On The Complications

Anything that a watch does besides telling time is a complication on an analog watch. Now, there are a plethora of complications out there. For example, on a chronograph, you’re going to see moon phases, perpetual calendars, and so on. These things are beautiful but note that they add to the complexity of the watch, and oftentimes, they drive up the price as well.

6. Going New Vs. Used

If you go with the new, obviously you’ll be the first person to own that particular watch, meaning it will definitely have no issues and will have a warranty that comes with it. However, if you don’t have much money, but you want to get a great deal on a luxury watch, you could easily find one in the used market.

With this, you’re not the first owner. So, there is a great possibility of issues mechanically like missing parts; however, if you’re good at identifying quality watches, you can sometimes find a fantastic deal.

7. Know Your Budget

So, now let’s talk about money. What can you afford, and what is your budget? The first category is the $100 – $1,000 range. You’re going to find all types of watches in this price range and are usually for beginners and those with a tight budget.

The $1,000 – $10,000 range is for luxury watches. Oftentimes, these watches are going to be made from precious metals and will come from reputable manufacturers. Watches above $10,000 are going to be ones that have precious stones or are made of gold and are very rare and limited.


Buying a watch can be intimidating for beginners and experts alike. However, if you have a solid checklist and guideline in choosing a timepiece, finding the right watch for you can be an enjoyable experience for every watch enthusiast.