Cap Shapes the French Beret

Very widespread at the beginning of the XIX century, the French Beret was an integral part of the work clothes. Today it has become a fashion accessory for some or a comfort accessory for others, both in its traditional form and its modern version.

Traditional Caps

Traditional caps are essentials in headwear fashion that have survived the decades without losing their charm. There are four types of traditional caps: The newsboy cap, including the famous Hatteras cap, the Irish cap, the flat cap or the sailor cap.

The newsboy cap is the character cap that first appeared in the early 19th century. This hat, which was originally a symbol of revolt, borrows its name from Gavroche, one of the characters in the famous Victor Hugo novel, Les Misérables. The newsboy cap, recognized for its rounded and slightly rounded shape, differs from other models, notably for its short visor in the shape of a crescent. Both flexible and comfortable, this cousin of the Irish cap is made up of 8 panels, and is worn by both men and women. Recognized for its classic and timeless shape, the newsboy cap will bring a style that is both retro and modern to your outfits. You can match it with a casual, boho or chicer look depending on your mood. The advantage of this headgear is that it is suitable for everyone because it fits all heads. You can wear it slightly tilted on the side or raised back. Halfway between the beret and the cap, the newsboy cap is an accessory that you can also use in winter to keep you warm. Indeed, many models are made of wool, there is also this leather cap.

The sailor cap has survived through the ages and remains today a hat that is appreciated for its originality. Identifiable thanks to its cord which overhangs the short and rigid visor, the sailor cap was originally specific to the uniforms of the sailors. Both robust and practical, it was designed to face the vagaries of time.

The American Caps

There are several variations of the French beret and American caps: The fitted cap, the snapback and, the baseball or trucker cap.

The popularity of this men’s cap is explained by two points: The first is the product itself which will revolutionize the world of the cap which becomes more resistant, more comfortable. The second is the popularity of baseball in the United States. It is the North American national sport, and for which the cap is an integral part of the equipment. Players wear caps, and every American can now wear the same cap. Beyond the legend, the fitted will suit all those who like tailor-made, adapted to their head size, to make it an almost unique product.

The snapback was born a little in reaction to fitted caps. Before arriving at models of caps adjusted to half a centimeter, there was quite little size: very often either the cap was too small, or too large. Some baseball players have therefore initiated the creation of a cap that is no longer adjusted, but adjustable. Beyond the sports fields, this model of cap will experience a very important success in the 80s and 90s, with brands like Starter or New Era whose snapbacks will be adopted by many rappers. The phenomenon of media coverage of rap and video quickly propelled this cap on all the heads of kids of the time.

Surfing on the fashion of snapback, the big brands diversify and offer the French Beret, always adjustable at the back but with a strap in leather or fabric which allows an even more precise adjustment and which brings an often-finer finish.

Surfing on the fashion of snapback, the big brands diversify and offer the French Beret, always adjustable at the back but with a strap in leather or fabric which allows an even more precise adjustment and which brings an often-finer finish.

The baseball cap was created at the beginning of the 20th century and took off in the 80s. The so-called baseball cap has the particularity of having a curved visor. Also called trucker, it symbolizes the traditional American cap. Its curved and rigid visor gives a completely different style from snapback. More authentic and vintage, it is also easier to wear in terms of style. The trucker cap is available in a mesh version (mesh on the back of the cap), which lets the head breathe more and which brings a rather old school touch.

The Great Return of the Vintage Cap

The five-panel cap is the big come back headwear of recent years. In the 80s and 90s the five panel, that is to say a cap made up of 5 panels, one at the front, two above, and two on the side was worn visor vertically. After having completely fallen into the fashion dungeon, this famous cap returned in force in 2010, thanks in particular to the brand Supreme and Tyler the Creator or Earl Sweatshirt of the rap collective Odd Future which never appear without their five P, or Huf.

This ultra-stylish model, much appreciated by skaters and hipsters, has enjoyed significant success thanks to their often very original and always neat prints. More recently, the six-panel cap is back (at Obey for example), a slightly retro cap with 6 panels. The 6 panel is easily recognized thanks to its perfect shape and its generally flexible cap. It is lower than the other caps and has a flat visor. This fairly vintage model is generally sober and designed with quality materials such as denim, wool or suede. The 6-panel cap is unisex. Worn with the visor slightly raised, this is the cap of the moment!

For more originality, we offer the customizable French Beret: Color, text, typography, it’s up to you.