The Timeless French Manicure

While nail art trends are always fun and ever-changing, you can never go wrong with the timeless French manicure. The classic French Manicure first became popular in Hollywood in the 1970s. Jeff Pink, the founder of nail brand, Orly, created this natural nail look for speedy wardrobe changes on set for actresses. The signature flesh-colored polish and white tips then hit the runways in Paris solidifying the trend, and the rest is history. The French manicure has stuck around throughout the years and has seen many variations, proving this timeless look is here to stay. Check out our favorite French mani looks to try at your next salon visit to stay on-trend.

Colored Tips


Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

This modern rendition of the classic French is all over Instagram and has become a favorite look among celebrities and influencers — and rightfully so, because it’s mega chic and super simple. To recreate this French mani trend, ditch the white tips and instead,  go for a neon shade, a pastel, seasonal colors, or even mix and match a few of your favorite colors. Be bold.

Funky French

Photo Credit: @amyle.nails on Instagram

The most fun and unique of all the French mani varieties is the one combined with nail art — and we’re seeing it everywhere! From emojis and yin yangs to geometric shapes and patterns, the possibilities for this trend are infinite. It’s also a great way to not fully commit to a full nail design. Get inspired by the seasons, your favorite colors, or get nostalgic with retro designs for a totally one-of-a-kind French mani.

The Ombre French

Photo Credit: @melissakornmakeupartist on Instagram

A super soft and feminine take on the traditional French is the ombre, and we’re super into it. Similar to the classic French mani, the ombre French is done with nudes, pinks, and white. However, this stunning alternative features a slightly more subtle approach with a faded white tip as opposed to the clean, blunt smile line you see in the classic French. If you really want to up your French ombre game, you can even experiment with other colors instead of the classic pink and white!

The Pink and White Classic

Photo Credit: @snsnailsofficial on Instagram

Of course, we can’t not mention the quintessential French mani. For a look that’s undoubtedly timeless and goes with absolutely everything, opt for the classic French manicure with its signature pink base and white tips. Seen here is the French manicure done with pink and white dip powder by SNS Nails. SNS was the first to introduce pink and whites in a dip manicure, and as you see here, it has unparalleled shine and durability. Pictured here are the French White and Natural Pink powders from SNS.