Tips for hairstylists to use a portable hair dryer to give remarkable client services

There is no comparison to an exceptional haircut acquired from a reputed salon with a team of trained staff. With the assistance of precise techniques, individuals can accomplish gorgeous hairstyles. However, you can deliver the salon look by using relevant instruments and products through professional tips. You can blow-dry through affordable products. Hairdressers must replace their conventional hairdryers with the latest cordless hairdryer, as the latest ones work on batteries. You can use it even if there is no electricity.

Some remarkable benefits of cordless hair dryers

  • There are multiple benefits of cordless hair dryers:
  • They do not require too much power, reducing your salon electricity bill.
  • They are much more user-friendly. You can style your client’s tresses in no time. Moreover, they can limit accidents in salons as they are mostly water repellent.
  • Your clients will feel happier as they do not negatively affect the human body with reduced production of EMF.

As they have a significantly reduced heat output, you can even safely use them on young kids in your salon. Moreover, since they are cordless, kids cannot mess up with the wires. Barber Co has a plethora of styling tools and products to help you give quality client makeovers.

Here are a few guidelines to give your client healthy and gorgeous hairstyles with cordless hair dryers

Wash your client’s hair

You must first use an appropriate shampoo to wash your client’s hair. It is easier to add style to washed hair. However, applying a heat protectant is mandatory. It would add shine and luster to your hair. You should smoothen out your hair before using any styling tool.

Condition your hair

You must use a good conditioner or mousse on your client’s hair before starting the process. If you start without proper pre-treatment, then you might not get satisfactory results. You can even give a steam treatment to nourish hair cuticles. If your client’s hair is frail, then this treatment becomes mandatory.

Section your hair in small portions

You must segment the hair before starting the styling process. If you do not detangle the client’s tresses before beginning the treatment, you might not get good results. For a sleek look, this step is mandatory. If the hair looks too curly, then you should let your dryer cool down.

How to take care of a client’s hair after a blow dry?

You should advise the client to wash their hair and go for gentle treatment after styling. It would help you to improve the hair texture. You can also suggest sea salt spray to your client for adding bounce and shine back.

There are multiple types of spa products and hair mousses that can revive hair that has become dull. It would help if you suggested remedies to your client for keeping the hair healthy. These tips will win over your client. They should start trusting your treatments and therapy. Only when the client trusts your expertise will they come to your salon for any treatment.

However, you must be careful with heating tools as overuse of any appliance can lead to excessive dryness and spoil the client’s hair.