Transforming Your Home with Old Money Inspired Decor

This year, the expression ‘Classic is always in fashion’ has become even more popular and has spawned a whole movement in the interior design and fashion industry known as old money or quiet luxury. This style can be characterized by simplicity, brevity and for sure quality that lasts for centuries. Well, in this article we are going to explore the interior design topics and see what are the ways to upgrade it by bringing a touch of classic chic.

The old money aesthetic is taking the design and fashion world by storm, and it’s not going to give up anytime soon. You’ve probably already seen this trend on social media. This style is reminiscent of aristocrats and a wealthy lifestyle. However, how can we apply its philosophy to the interior layout of our residences? In home design, the concept of quiet luxury is embodied in the use of natural materials, natural textures, calm colors, laconic silhouettes and shapes. All this creates the basis for a harmonious living space.

Raw materials

Firstly, consider the way your house looks not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Special attention should be paid to the material from which outdoor furniture is made. After all, quiet luxury is the art of restraint, where every element of design is carefully thought out. Quality is the main criterion when it comes to the choice of finishing materials. It is worth making a choice in favor of natural materials such as leather, wood, stone, and marble. When deciding on outdoor furniture worth noting the durability and temperature tolerance of the material. Thus, Parasol furniture manufacturers specialize in producing high quality furniture of classic design that will serve you for years to come. In the Dubai furniture showroom you can see the best and most popular furniture pieces. However, for those of you who prefer online shopping, it’s worth visiting their website to choose the right furniture for your home.

Natural lightning

Plenty of natural light creates a peaceful atmosphere and helps to blur the boundaries between the exterior and interior. If you have large windows, use minimal window decor and sheer curtains to keep sunlight streaming into the interior. Alternatively, use strategically placed mirrors to allow sunlight to reflect in them and enhance the feeling of a bright space.

Integration of technology

A hallmark of Old Money style is the visually unobtrusive integration of technology. Modern technology should not only improve the user experience, but also be integrated into the overall design aesthetic for example: hidden wiring, intelligent home automation, hidden audio systems and unobtrusive gadgets. Seek to take advantage of built-in technology systems that will be hidden in the interior facade of the furniture.

 Soft color palette

One of the key colors for the interior in the style of old money is beige. This neutral color creates a feeling of warmth and coziness, as well as perfectly combined with all interior items. Beige shades can be used for walls, floors, furnishings, and textiles. However, if you would like to add a bit of variety, you can use other shades of beige, such as light bronze, hourglass, or caramel.

Keep it simple

Finally, the style of quiet luxury is named that way for a reason, so that the distinguishing feature is minimalism and conciseness. It is not quantity that is important here, but quality, this is why you should try to make a choice in favor of plain fabrics with a minimum number of details.In conclusion, do not be afraid to embody new interiors step by step and gradually change the layout. This means that you don’t need to completely transform your home right away and change every detail; instead, keep in mind that a less extravagant interior looks more refined and attractive. Try to choose high-quality items that will complement the overall design of the room. The points we discussed above are carried out without much effort, and this can give your home a new life and personality. Continue to imperceptibly change your space to achieve the perfect transformation of your home.