The 5 Best Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling

Jewellery is not just an accessory that can be displayed on special occasions, but instead, it is a reflection of your own style and personality. Regardless of whether you own precious heirlooms pieces of jewellery or trendy fashion pieces, keeping your rings, necklaces and earrings sparkling and in pristine condition is essential at all times. If you want to maintain the beauty and lustre of your favourite jewellery pieces, you should keep on reading this article to learn about the best tips and tricks to keep your jewellery looking radiant.

  • Clean your jewellery regularly
  • Handle with care
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals
  • Professional cleaning and maintenance
  • Store jewellery correctly at all times

1. Clean your jewellery regularly

Over time, dirt, oils and residues can dull the shine of your jewellery. If you want to keep a micro pave ring looking its best at all times then you should clean the piece regularly. For best results, you should use a mild detergent or some brand of specialized jewellery cleaning solution because it can gently remove any dirt and grime from the piece. You should also avoid using any type of harsh chemicals or abrasive home cleaners that could potentially cause a significant amount of damage to delicate gemstones or metals.

2. Handle with care

Furthermore, when handling any type of jewellery, you must be mindful of how you touch and store the pieces. You must avoid touching gemstones or pearls directly with your fingers because the natural oils in the skin can leave residue and dull the shine of a piece. Instead, whenever you want to clean your pieces of jewellery you must hold it by the main metal parts while you could also use soft gloves to prevent smudging.

3. Avoid exposure to chemicals

In addition, chemicals such as perfumes, lotions and regular household cleaners can tarnish or damage a piece of jewellery. In order to protect your rings, necklaces and earrings from any type of damage you should apply beauty products and perfumes before putting on your jewellery. It is also essential to remember that you must remove any jewellery before swimming in chlorinated pools or using cleaning agents.

4. Professional cleaning

Moreover, while regular at-home cleaning is essential, professional cleaning and maintenance can help to revive the brilliance of any piece of jewellery. You could think about visiting a trusted jewellery company at least once a year for thorough cleaning to be carried out.

5. Store jewellery correctly

Proper storage is vital to preserving the quality and appearance of any piece of jewellery. By keeping your pieces in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, humidity and air exposure you can prevent scratches or oxidation from occurring. Ideally, you should store jewellery in individual compartments or soft fabric pouches to prevent damage.

Therefore, to summarise, by following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that any piece of jewellery that you own remains sparkling and beautiful for years to come while undertaking proper care and maintenance is essential to preserve the allure and lustre of your most cherished pieces.