Top types of transport that were used during the filming of popular clothing advertisements

Recently, the relevance of using various types of transport in advertising products of clothing brands has been growing. Designers are especially responsive to the use of luxury helicopters, airplanes, yachts and recent innovations in the frame – electric cars.

A lot of advertising with sports cars and electric cars were shot in glamorous Dubai – on the most famous highway among the sands, among incredible modern buildings, as well as on the desert expanses. Many world stars go there to appear in advertisements for famous brands. And this is not surprising, because there is a storehouse of the most luxurious transport, from air to water and land, so commercials are shot here with modern top-of-the-line transport and these are yachts and electric cars.

I would also like to note that most of these vehicles are rented and for a reason. After all, Dubai has the highest level of such services. For example, one of the leading online platforms, Renty, offers high-quality yacht rental for various needs. You can also choose one of the most luxury yachts in the catalog So, luxury yachts such as Sunseeker, Ferretti or Benetti are often chosen for their elegance and appeal in advertising campaigns. You can also rent similar models for your personal vacation in Dubai, and also take unforgettable pictures as a keepsake.

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Now I’d like to briefly look at examples of companies that have recently used popular electric vehicles in their advertising.


The first well-known brand in today’s review that decided to use electric cars for filming its collection is Allbirds. Interestingly, Allbirds is known for collaborating with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2021. Then an advertising idea was born to promote their line of eco-friendly shoes. That’s why in the ad, DiCaprio was driving a rented electric car and wearing Allbirds shoes. Thus, this gave rise to a dual idea in the minds of observers related to ecology, namely driving eco-friendly vehicles and also wearing eco-friendly shoes.

Also, for example, the clothing company Reformation in 2019 decided to also use an electric car in its advertising campaign. Moreover, a partnership agreement was even signed with Tesla. The entire advertising campaign was aimed at highlighting its commitment to, firstly, reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and, secondly, promoting environmentally friendly production methods and smart consumption in the fashion industry. This is to be brief…

Electric cars

In 2021, the world-famous designer and his brand Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. For advertising, they decided to use rented transport, in particular a yacht, as a background. Incidentally, this was their fifth joint collection. And most interestingly, 80% of the collection is composed of eco-friendly materials, with boots made of vegan leather being part of the lineup.

In 2019, famous designer Ralph Lauren held a luxurious fashion show on a yacht. “Ralph’s Club” took place during New York Fashion Week. And the event itself reflected the fall/winter 2019 collection in its image, presenting both evening wear and formal suits. The highlight of all images was modern femininity.

But these are just a few examples of recent clothing companies that have used yachts and electric rental cars for advertising purposes. What I find most remarkable from the latest advertising campaigns is the shift in the vector of clothing production toward environmentally friendly consumption. And the fact that, for example, not only environmentally friendly shoes and clothing, but also transportation, are being used in advertising campaigns seems to me a worthy indicator of how important it is in modern society to study environmental issues and rational consumption.