Steve Lesnard on Vectiv Footwear by The North Face

In his role as the CMO and Global VP of product creation at The North Face, Steve Lesnard is responsible for the product innovation and design of the company. The recently developed Vectiv shoe line by The North Face is a result of outstanding creativity and disruptive innovation in product development.  The Vectiv system is designed to reduce the reaction impact on the body allowing the athletes to push their limits in running, hiking, and other activities. The Vectiv shoe line implements carbon and composite plate technologies and other advanced technologies that allow for comfortable wearing for long-distance and rough terrain.

The focus of North Face and Steve Lesnard has been to use the maximum potential of technologies to develop innovative apparel and footwear that can revolutionize how North Face products engage with customers. Steve Lesnard has developed a reputation for being an outstanding entrepreneur who specializes in brand marketing. He has been hired by several international brands for consultation on global marketing campaigns. He believes in developing and marketing consumer-centric products. One of the key attributes of Lesnard is his ability to match the needs of a consumer with a precise and timely product.  There is a great emphasis by Lesnard on product personalization and continuously adapting the product according to the needs of the customer.

Steve Lesnard shared that “the Inspiration began on the top of Mont Blanc in France” for Vectiv footwear and it is made to “maximize energy on all types of terrain”. The objective of Vectiv shoes is to offer a product that can transform energy into forward momentum resulting in less muscle fatigue and stress. Vectiv shoes are adjustable for different types of terrain. This is done by adjusting the middle layer into different levels of cushioning depending on the terrain. The midsole is designed to help roll when going uphill and provide stability when going downhill. Vectiv shoes employ a 3D plate, which is a patented technology for the underfoot. Along with all the technological features, Vectiv shoes are designed to look trendy and fashionable. Here is an article in Forbes with more information about Vectiv products.

Having joined The North Face in May 2019, Steve Lesnard brings 20+ years of business experience to the company. He has been instrumental in several brand campaigns, product launches, strategic partnerships, and high-profile business growth.

About The North Face

Founded in 1966, The North Face is an internationally recognized brand, especially for its outwear technology that uses waterproof and breathable Futurelight fabric. Based out of Alameda, CA, The North Face offers products for outdoor clothing, footwear, technical mountaineering equipment, and other related accessories. The North Face started as technical clothing and equipment company, but the popularity of its product propelled it into several categories of products. It is owned by VF Corporation that had total revenue of $13.8 Billion in 2019.