If You Don’t Buy the Right Sports Bra Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Ladies, we have all been there. Jogging down a bike path, working out in the gym, or dancing in Zumba when you suddenly realize that it’s time to buy a quality Adidas sports bra. Maybe your current bra is stretched out or you are hanging out all over the place. Did the strap pop or clasps break? Time for a new quality bra. But which bra should you choose? No fear, find out everything you need to know about buying a good sports bra right here, right now.

Finding the Perfect Sports Bra

Buy the right sports bra today to avoid discomfort, pain, and possible embarrassment. The right running clothes for women needs to provide support during all high intensity physical activities. When you exercise, your breasts move in many different directions, even more if you have larger breasts. In fact, if you wear a D cup, your breast might move more than a few inches in each direction! That’s side to side and up and down! You need the right sports bra size to reduce that movement and provide the right type of support for your back.

Not only will a good sports bra prevent unwanted movement, it also will prevent drooping and sagging caused by stretching out the skin and Cooper’s ligaments in the breast. Don’t make the common mistake of choosing the wrong band or cup size when buying a bra. In fact, buying a smaller cup size than what you actually need is one of the top mistakes women make when shopping for a sports bra.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra

Support in every quality sports bra comes from three major points: the band, the cups, and the straps. Test each component. The less stretchy the straps, the more support you will have. If the straps are too stretchy, move on to another bra, especially if you have a larger cup size. You know you have the right cup size if no part of the breast is spilling over the cup and the cup is not too big. If the cup size is too small, then move up to the next size.

Another common mistake is choosing a band that is too big for your body. You should not be able to fit more than one finger between the band and your body. If it gives more than that, you have the wrong band size and need to move to a smaller band. This can present problems for women that are petite but have large breasts. You may have to order a special size online to find the right combination of band and cup. Finally, raise your hands above your head. If the band moves, then you need a tighter, smaller size, of band.

The Best Style

The best style of sports bra depends on your body type. What is better for women with larger busts differs from what women with smaller breasts should wear. For example, sports bras that have a cup help women with large breast with support. Wide straps and a back-clasp help tighten the bra. If you have a smaller cup size, then you can opt for a simple compression sports bra for low impact workouts. Always find the right sports bra for your body for additional support during high intensity workouts.