How to Look Stylish Without Sacrificing Function When You Hike

Does hiking require unique clothes? Not at all times, but it’s good to get prepared for any eventualities. It is essential to have some layers which you can remove as temperatures change while ascending and descending the mountains or when there is rain. This situation means the inner outfit can be the everyday clothing while having raincoats, jackets, and other additions depending on your hiking area. You have to ensure the clothing you wear is comfortable and enables you to enjoy the fun while hiking. Which are the stylish clothes one can wear during hiking? Here is the list.

1. Hiking Hats

A hat is essential clothing during hiking since it keeps your head warm and protects it. Ensure you have one in your backpack even when you can’t wear it regularly. The hat should be comfortable, lightweight, and should protect you from direct sunlight. If planning to hike during winter, you need something that will cover your head from the cold. The winter hiking hats need to be made from fabrics and must be warm with weatherproof features. It should also have moisture-wicking abilities, breathable, and must not be costly. The summer hats should be lightweight and heat repellent to keep you aerated when doing the climbing. If going to the highest peak, it’s essential carrying both hats for wear at different heights due to changing temperatures.

2. Wool Socks

It’s good having socks which you can wear in any weather and can fit comfortably in your hiking shoes. Cotton socks can slide in shoes or cause blisters. It’s vital to get woolen ones that, other than keeping you stylish, reduces sweating, and avoids your feet growing blisters after a long journey. The woolen socks also come in various colors and sizes to fit everyone’s needs and long-lasting. 

3. Hiking Shorts

Hiking Shorts

Shorts will forever remain stylish for anyone who loves hiking in moderate climatic conditions. You don’t have to get special shorts; any can do as long as they are fitting, elastic, and comfortable. It should not have loose fabrics to avoid getting caught between vegetation and be sweat absorbent. This activity’s good choice is the spandex shorts, which fit comfortably both in the thigh and waist and are stretchable. If you don’t like spandex, you can consider other materials with elastic waist and, if possible, with pockets for keeping your little gadgets. The design should be cute, and the material should be easy to dry if you encounter rain in the mountains.

4. Windbreaker

You can get a stylish, light windbreaker for your hiking activities, which protects you from breezes other than looking stylish. Windbreakers are for warmer regions and are used instead of jackets and act well from bugs, sudden wind, and even sunlight. The windbreakers are also breathable and water-resistant, making them better for use in areas with light rain. They are also easy to carry, and you can fold them in your backpack without adding much weight to your hiking journey, especially if less used.

5. Insulated Jacket

Insulated Jacket

You can have a packable, insulated jacket for your hiking, which you can wear periodically when in need. This jacket comes with a hood and protects you from cold, excessive wind, and light rain. Besides protecting you, the jacket easily rests on other hiking wear, including the gloves, enabling you to stay stylish throughout the journey. It is also lightweight, easy to pack, and you can carry it anytime for any eventualities. If you don’t love wearing heavy and oversized jackets or want to maintain your style, you will not want to miss such clothing.

6. Hiking Shoes

Of all the clothing, you need to have the right, comfortable, and sturdy hiking shoes. There are different types of hiking shoes you can choose from, depending on your preferences, including the low ankle and the waterproof ones with grips for better traction in other trails and conditions. The shoes you chose must have good treads, be comfortable, breathable, lightweight, 

water-resistant, and be made from tough materials to avoid them tearing out in the middle of the hiking journey. Experts recommend having at least two hiking shoes per journey, to be used at different hiking levels and terrains.

There are so many things you can wear on your hiking journey. However, it would be best to consider their function during the trip since you don’t need to carry much luggage. Other things you can consider are an expansive backpack, sunglasses to protect your eyes, some quick-dry undies, sports bras, and much more. All these depend on the region, its climate, and the weather conditions during the hiking day. It is essential to pack more clothes to avoid inconveniences when the weather changes abruptly.