How to Have Unique Clothes

We all want to be unique. It makes us stand out and feel special. It also affects how we feel about ourselves.

One of the ways that people show their individuality is by wearing off-beat clothing. Because the style is distinctive, it’s eye-catching. But you don’t always have to go overboard and wear something that’s not your style just to stand out. Before you go crazy styling your clothes, check out these helpful tips.

Revamp Old Clothes

You don’t have to throw all your old clothes to make way for new ones. Sometimes, a simple tweak does the trick.

You can just revamp your old clothes by adding little details that can show your personality. A simple yarn, for instance, can make a huge difference. You can embroider your name or other designs or sew colorful and fun patches to give your old clothes some extra oomph.

You can also dye your old clothes if you want a new vibe. Tie-dying is a good example, which also creates a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Or, you can pair them with your new clothes. Try to mix and match the colors and style to make a statement.

Find Inspiration

Speaking of mix and match, another option is to find fashion inspirations. For this, you can search online, go window shopping, or check runway shows. But that doesn’t stop there.

Once you find your fashion inspiration, you can incorporate your style into it. Because chances are, other people have seen your chosen fashion inspiration online, on TV, or in malls too. Incorporating your style makes it more unique and shows your personality.


Some people don’t like accessories because it makes them feel extra. But accessories help complete your look. It amplifies how your clothes look like, as per Sew Guide.

Apart from that, it adds personality to what you’re wearing. It can either make you look sophisticated, formal, preppy, etc. Regardless of what kind of accessories you wear, it can help make your outfit your own.

Unique Clothes

Consider Thrift Stores

There are many speculations about thrift stores. Some say that you’ll get scabies from the clothes, they’re dirty, etc. Hence, thrifted clothes often get side-eyes.

But this is where you’ll find hidden gems. You can even find branded items and purchase them at cheap prices. The best part of it is that you can find unique clothes.

Plus, The Ithacan says they’re sustainable. By thrifting, you can help reduce the clothes that manufacturers produce, which is not good for the environment.

Raid Your Mom’s Closet

If you’re into modern vintage fashion, raiding your mom’s (or your grandmother’s) closet would be a great idea too. You’ll likely find unique vintage pieces that you probably won’t buy in shops anymore.

You can wear them as is or you can mix them with modern pieces from your closet. You can also revamp them by adding extra details that will show your style.

Or, you can repurpose them. You can sew a top and transform it into a pair of shorts or a skirt. Three are many ways how you can transform old clothes. These days, you can even find guides from different platforms online.

Have it Tailored

If you have an extra budget and you don’t have much time doing everything on your own, you can just have your clothes tailored. With this, you’ll have more freedom in expressing yourself.

All you have to do is sketch your desired look and the seamstress will do the magic for you. The best part of it is that you’re also free to choose what kind of material should be used. You can mix and match the textures and the types of fabrics.

In addition to that, it would fit your body shape better. Thus, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing it.

Be True to Yourself

One thing that will surely make you unique is being yourself. We all have different preferences. You might find something beautiful that other people don’t and it is what makes us unique and it’s okay.

If you like something, don’t worry about others’ opinions; wear it. Don’t feel scared to wear what you want. What matters is how you feel wearing them.