How Do They Dress in the Best Universities Worldwide

The necessity of a certain dress code is an ambiguous question that raises many arguments. It’s especially true for cases when students have to purchase or sew the required uniform independently. Thus, instead of focusing more on studying and spending this money on some additional classes, people have to buy certain clothes just because the academic institution has decided that it is a cool idea. On the other hand, many people say that it is great when students follow a dress code and don’t dress themselves up in provocative and completely inappropriate outfits. Everything should be in moderation. That’s why many academic institutions have reconsidered their approaches toward the dress code and dilute their requirements. So, many students have got a chance for self-expression within the range of the standards. If you want to go deep down the question, it is better to take care of your assignments first. You can turn to Superbgrade service to free up your schedule and get your papers done on time while being occupied with learning about the university dress code.

Benefits of a school dress code

Back in the day, a school uniform was one of the common things. Most communities around the world tried to integrate a policy that suggested how students should look. However, times have changed along with the rules, and today many schools don’t make students put on a uniform. Young people have got a chance to bring a part of their personality into their clothes, even though most academic institutions still require being within certain dress code frames. It means that universities allow students to wear any apparel until it matches the required color range, style, and cut. Thus, many academic institutions try to create a special atmosphere to help students tune themselves to studying. You might have noticed that the clothes you put on can affect your mood. This phenomenon has become a foundation for integrating a cress code into colleges and universities. Students should think more about studying and get less distracted by other’s outfits. What are the main advantages you can get out of following certain rules regarding your clothes?

  1. It contributes to creating a more serious atmosphere inside a school that helps students psyche themselves to studying and obtaining new knowledge.
  2. Dress codes have been created to blur the line between representatives of different social strata and make students stay focused on studying more than anything else. It is a more affordable way to dress up since young people don’t feel the need to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
  3. It helps eliminate the situations when someone’s appearance becomes the root cause of bullying, so social conflicts become less common.
  4. Researchers have proven that a school dress code can help avoid the prevalence of certain behavior patterns that find their expression in outfits.
  5. It doesn’t deprive students of an opportunity to make a choice and express themselves. Thus, you can still go shopping and purchase some stylish outfits. If it is tough to find room in your tight schedule, a reliable academic essay writing service is always ready to meet this challenge.

Dress codes in different academic institutions

Formally, only Cuban students have to wear certain uniforms, while all other countries have long ceased to follow this rule. In most cases, it is more about maintaining traditions that have become a part of a college or a university’s brand. Most academic institutions have similar dress codes that suggest wearing black trousers, white shirts, or strict dresses.

Eton college

It is considered one of the most famous educational facilities in the world. Its representatives stood out from the crowd with a top hat, cane, and a tailcoat two centuries ago, but over time the latter has been replaced with a short black jacket. Many traditional academic institutions continue to follow the traditions and make their students wear customized raincoats and white shirts with turn-down collars on campus. Only senior students get a chance to put on a white tie bow.

Oxford university

The Oxford dress code doesn’t differ much from one you can find at Yale or Harvard universities. Men have to wear suits and shoes of dark colors with a white shirt. Girls dress themselves up in white shirts and skirts, dresses, or trousers of dark colors. And talking about special apparel elements that brightly demonstrate a student’s membership, like blue jackets, only top students representing Oxford school in any sports get the right to wear them. Well, some other universities use this trick to “reward” their best students. American universities are less conservative in this regard, so all the students can wear a jacket with a university logo on it.

Cambridge university

The university authorities treat the appearance of their senior students seriously. If you open the dress code requirements, you will find instructions for any event and life situation, starting with casual meetings, graduation ceremonies, after-party, etc. Rules are extremely strict and unbreakable, so if a student comes in the wrong outfit, they will not attend the graduation ceremony, for example. Students can put on dark suits and skirts in combination with white shirts when it comes to some official events. Besides, in most cases, headdress and excessive accessories are forbidden. Nonetheless, first-year students can wear clothes of different colors. Friday is considered a “casual” day, so the main thing is to look neat.