Weird Men Fashion Trends You Won’t Believe Exist

Some of you may believe that men’s fashion is dull and ordinary. Others may even believe that men’s fashion doesn’t even exist. Here are trends that will make both beliefs myths. Below we will list and explain men’s fashion that is weird, funny, and completely original. Let’s just say that there were many options to choose from and we choose the most spectacular ones.


RompHim is a men’s fashion that became popular in 2017. There is only one word to define it. It is completely weird. The idea is to wear an outfit that is stylish, fun, and also very comfortable. The brand behind this fashion is ACED Design from Chicago. ACED Design on Kickstarter collected over $353.000 provided by over 3.000 backers. An interesting fact is that they collected over $17.000 on the first day. The outfit looks like pajamas for men, for the lack of a better word. It certainly looks comfortable and it is very popular. The company offers rompers which are the aforementioned type of outfit. They will cost you $119. However, backers on Kickstarter were able to get them a bit cheaper. This fashion is one of a kind and definitely deserves a place on our list.

Lace Separates

Lace Separates is actually a product of the Hologram City brand. Although they have been designing various trends and fashion-related things, this is a bit special. It is completely different than the first option. Here men can get shorts and also button-down outfits that are see-through. They come in yellow, violet, baby blue and also pink colors. Pistachio color is offered now as well. Without any doubt, this isn’t something that most men will wear, but it is fashion no less.

Some of you who are more interested in more conservative or more ordinary men’s fashion and tips can check out where the most popular men-related trends are analyzed by a funky Japanese team. Anyway, Lace Separates will cost you $100 and it was created by Hoza Rodriguez.


Here is a fashion trend like no other. Many will claim that it is actually one of the most popular, weird fashion trends in the world of men. The trend was created by a Dutch company and it is one of a kind. The goal here is to create suits that look like no other. You can have a suit that looks like it was made from dollar bills, made for Christmas or simply made in bright colors with child motives.

A suit of this kind will cost you $99 and yes, it is available across the world. The company sells Christmas suits known as weird suits for this holiday and most will say that they are truly ugly. Others will say that they are spectacular. These suits are sold around Christmas only. The company has very high demand and they are available in most department stores around the world. A set includes pants, a jacket, and a tie. All of these are designed in the same color and in the same pattern.

Oversized Sleeves

Oversized sleeves became popular in 2017 in London. They were featured by a fashion designer known as J.W. Anderson. He developed a collection with these sleeves, with long scarves (cable-knit) and he also featured fluid flares. The idea was to stand out from the crowd and to have a style you really like.

Although the least weird trend on our list, it is funny and strange nonetheless. One benefit of wearing an outfit with this type of sleeves is the fact you can always keep your hands warm.


Chokers have been with us since early history. They were worn in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and across the world. However, only women wore them. Reasons why they did that vary. Some wore them to pay homage to their loved ones who were executed on the guillotine (In France only), others wore them because they believe chokers had magical powers. Chokers are an old and interesting piece of fashion. And yes, they were almost always associated with high fashion.

You may recall that men chokers were popular for a short period of time in the 90s. The duration was very short and soon they were forgotten. Now, they are coming back. We can see many artists, celebrities and men, in general, wearing them. Of course, they do come in all sizes, made from different materials and all shapes.


These trends are not extremely popular and they are likely going to disappear after some time. On the other side, they are very interesting, weird and for some funny. If you want to stand out from the crowd, now you know-how.