History of V-Neck Shirts: How Did They Become Popular

The fashion industry is working around the clock into producing the new clothing trends that people would follow. If we look at history, we can say that many clothing pieces have changed over the years, but somehow t-shirts remained the same.

Yes, there are few different styles nowadays and some new revolutionary material combinations, but the classic t-shirt whether it is a crew or a V- neck has never gone out of trend.

The classic t-shirt has been around since the late 19th century, and they quickly adapted it to a more classic V-neck t-shirt back in the 1960s.

Even though V-neck t-shirts date more than 60 years, they gained in popularity in men’s and women’s fashion in the past two decades.

But let’s find out more about how the V-neck emerged in the fashion industry and find out whether or not it is the right fit for you.

The transformation from T to V

The name t-shirts come from their shape with the torso and arm position forming a letter T. Traditionally, t-shirts were first made with a rounded collar which is also known as a crew neck.

The history of t-shirts is rather strange. Even though they are a common piece of the fashion industry nowadays where people use them whether to go out in the club or stay at home, in the beginning, they first appear as an undergarment in the men’s fashion industry.

Technically speaking, if we compare what we wear today to that time, it would be like wearing your underwear to your local grocery store.

However, the fashion industry is very dynamic and constantly changing. So in the next couple of decades, t-shirts started becoming more of an all-day everyday piece of clothing. They were mostly worn by military personnel and some popular Hollywood actors, such as James Dean and Marlon Brando who forced this trend even more.

This resulted in a fashion boom where most people would wait a couple of hours only to get their t-shirt from the local store. At that time, clothing manufacturers started creating different colored t-shirts and the demand was higher than ever.

So, in the 1960s traditional t-shirts have become a common piece of everyone’s outfit and designers thought that they need some spicing up. This is where the V-neck t-shirt emerged.

Since then, they’ve become a trendier version of the classic t-shirt and the situation remains the same to this day. At that time, they were used to hide the collar fabric when other shirts were worn over them.

V-neck t-shirts were made as an improvement to the traditional t-shirt, but the market used them as a clothing accessory for different garments.

Why V-necks became so popular?

Well, at that time, people were impressed by V-neck t-shirts thanks to their ability to alter physical perception by making your face seem longer and more angular. This is why people with rounder or squarer faces look particularly good in a V-neck t-shirt.

Apart from their ability to change the perception of how people see you, V-necks didn’t have more to offer than traditional crew neck t-shirts.

Over the years, V-necks have been a very popular garment choice, especially for the younger generations. To this date, t-shirts have been the most well-performing garment in the clothing industry without changing too much of their original design.

Is V-Neck For You?

Clothing has always been about expressing your personality and taste, and at the same time looking good in it. Nowadays, it is hard to find a person that doesn’t own a t-shirt since they are the most comfortable and versatile piece in your wardrobe. So, if you have a traditional crew-neck t-shirt you might as well get yourself a V-neck just to spice things up.

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V-necks have always been a cool-looking piece of clothing that acts as an upgraded t-shirt. V-necks can be used as an undergarment, overgarment, or on their own which makes them very versatile and a must-have piece in everyone’s wardrobe.