Guide to Wearing Pendants

Pendants add an exciting element to a necklace. What’s the point of wearing a simple chain if there’s no pendant? Pendants are great for complementing the image of a woman. It’s great for expressing personal style and adding accents to any outfit. Take a look at for crystal heart-shaped pendants and find something that fits your style.

Pendants are an independent decorative element, but they are often worn as a necklace through a chain, a string, or a necklet. It doesn’t need to have a matching earring or ring. Plus, it’s easy to choose a present to give to someone you care about. If you personally know

Tips for Choosing a Pendant

If you want to buy a pendant wisely, pay attention to details. IT’s better to choose a pendant first before buying a chain, or better yet, buy a necklace with a pendant included. But if you already have a chain and you want to buy a new pendant for it, here are some tips on how to choose:

  1. The pendant must not weigh more than the chain. The maximum weight ration must be 1:1. In case the pendant is heavier, the chain may get worn off in the long run, and it can get broken. You may end up losing the pendant.
  2. The color of the chain must match the color of the pendant. For instance, a white gold pendant must be worn with white gold, silver, or platinum chain. If in case the pendant is colored, like a black pearl, beads, or enamel, at least the hardware that attaches the pendant to the chain must be in the same color. It will look mismatched if you don’t keep it on the same hue.
  3. Consider the clamp of the pendant. Check if it’s big enough to get a chain, a necklet, or a strip through.
  4. Consider the occasion. Many pieces can be worn in different ways, regardless of size. Buying a pendant with an adjustable chain can help make the pendant versatile. You can shorten the chain for a more elegant look, or let it hang lower if you want a casual look. Depending on the pendant’s style, some may be more fitting for some occasions than others. Using your judgment is an important key here.
  5. When choosing what pendant to wear, take your hairstyle into consideration. Long, loose hair may get entangled with long chains or large pendants, and sometimes small pendants can become lost and unnoticed in the tresses. Meanwhile, a large pendant paired with short, pinned up or pulled back hair will draw the eyes to the upper body. Getting a smaller piece may also look more polished with a sleek, pulled back ponytail.
  6. The size of the pendant must not distract others completely from the rest of your outfit. It’s fine to get a statement pendant, but keep it in an appropriate size so that the pendant must not be the only thing that other people notices.

Taking Pendant Size into Consideration

Speaking of sizes, it’s one of the biggest considerations when it comes to buying a pendant. It plays a big part in choosing your jewelry, and it must be carefully considered.

Large pendants

A large pendant can draw attention to your chest area and away from other aspects of your appearance, like your outfit or hair. When worn with plain-colored clothing, a large pendant can easily become the focal point of your outfit. However, it must only be worn with simple necklines and minimal jewelry. If you’re wearing a large pendant necklace, don’t wear large statement earrings anymore. Ensuring that it complements your outfit and other jewelry is essential so that it will not clash with the overall outfit.

Small pendants

Small pendants are usually used to tie a look together or to accessorize an otherwise bland outfit. It can also be used to make a statement if you wear it wisely. Whether it’s a sparkling gemstone or a touch of personality through a figure or a specific shape, smaller pendants can be chosen when you have a particular look in mind. Since they are small, it’s best to wear with more delicate and light chains to keep the attention focused on the pendant, not where it’s hanging from.

Different Styles of Pendants

Pendants are of different styles. There so many pendants that present different motifs, such as flora, fauna, geometric shapes, abstract shapes, gems, intricate patterns, and personalized names. Here are a few styles:

1. Classic pendants

A classic pearl pendant necklace in silver

A classic pendant is usually made of gold or silver, and it can be decorated with diamonds, gemstones, or pearls. It’s the simplest yet timeless form of a pendant necklace that will never go out of fashion. These kinds of pendants usually come with matching earrings as a set. Classic pendants are graceful and soft, and it doesn’t strike the eyes as much as other kinds of pendants. The elegance of classic pendants makes them a great match for formal wear, evening dresses, and business suits. These also suit any style and any age.

2. Locket pendants

A round pendant necklace with a clock inside

Locket pendants are extra-special. They have a secret. It consists of two opening parts, between which you can put small photos of your loved ones. Some pendants come with a clock. They are usually oval or heart-shaped. It makes a fantastic present for any person you love.

3. Pendants of different shapes and symbols

A heart-shaped pendant necklace

These pendants make up the most extensive range of the types of pendants. Such pendants come in multiple subjects, such as hearts (probably the most popular pendant shape) stars, moon, birds, butterflies, animals, flowers, and more. What’s popular nowadays are necklaces featuring infinity sign,  geometric shapes, and a lifeline.

These pendants give you a chance to express your personality and style. If you’re going to buy this as a present for someone, find out their hobbies and their fashion preferences so that you can choose the suitable pendant.

4. Luxury pendants

A gold pendant necklace featuring precious stones

Luxury pendants are recognized as pieces of jewelry with fine and graceful shapes and are made of expensive materials that are decorated only with precious stones and made of high-grade metals. Jewelry manufacturers update their luxury collection every year, and these are created by the best designers. These pendants are not to be worn casually but only on special occasions, especially because of its value. It’s also better to buy them for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries to emphasize the importance of the dates.

5. Personalized pendants

A letter D initial necklace

Some pendants come in the form of letters that indicate the owner’s name. Some come in a simple letter to indicate the initial of the wearer or the wearer’s special someone. It can also come in the form of a name. These kinds of accessories are more personal for the wearer, keeping it unique.

6. Pendants with inscriptions

These types of pendants are great for open and sociable people. Some personalized pendants come with inscriptions as a way to convey a message, declare love, or commemorate important events. You can buy pendants with a ready inscription like “I love you to the moon and back”, a prayer, or a simple space on a bar-shaped pendant where you can personalize your own message.

7. Religious pendants

A rose gold chain necklace with cross

These kinds of pendants don’t just serve as an accessory – it’s an expression of faith or religion of the wearer. This kind of pendant usually comes in the form of crosses, star of David and multiple models with images of saints. These are typically made of precious metals, while some are decorated with stones or pearls. You can give this kind of pendant out to someone, but make sure you know them very well. It can be an excellent gift for your friends or family who are religious or actively practicing their faith.