Get Your Hands on The Cutest Fake Nails of 2021

Everyone enjoys having their nails done, but going to the nail salon every 2 weeks can get very expensive. Not to mention all the damage that acrylics can do to your natural nails. There has to be a cheaper way, but what could it be?

Press-On Nails to Save the Day!

There have been many developments in recent years with press-on nails. In the past, they had few options and did not look as nice as acrylics. Now you can purchase high-quality press-on nails that look just like professionally applied acrylics and they are reusable.

Clutch Nails Will Keep You On-Trend

If you want the best press-on nails available, you need to purchase Clutch Nails fake nails.

They have a wide variety of styles and shapes, which means that no matter your aesthetic you will be able to find a pair of nails that are perfect for you.

Clutch Nails is always doing new collaborations with celebrities and social media influencers. This allows them to always stay ahead of all the latest trends. They will do all the homework for you and just provide you with the latest styles.

If you are more adventurous and love surprises, Clutch Nails also offers subscription boxes. You can get the latest press-on nails mailed to you monthly starting at $7.99. The price is affected by how many sets of nails you want to receive in each shipment.

Removing and Reusing Clutch Nails

You can even re-use Clutch Nails press-on nails as long as you remove them correctly.

Warm Water Method

First, you will want to find a bowl large enough to soak your nails in. Fill that bowl with warm water and a little soap. Let your nails soak for 20 min (Make sure the water stays warm). After this, your nails should be easy to remove.

Cuticle Oil Method

This method is more effective when your nails are already a little loose. You can either try to apply the cuticle oil in between your nail and the press-on nail or you can soak a cotton ball in the oil. Then take the cotton ball and hold it against the nail until you can feel it loosening.

Acetone Method

You will also need a bowl large enough to soak your nails for this technique. Feel the bowl with acetone. Then soak your nails but check them every five min and when they are ready they will pull off effortlessly or even fall off.

Once you have the nails removed use some acetone to remove the rest of the glue residue for the back of the nails and store them separately from your unused nails. When you are ready to re-use the nails you just apply them with nail glue as if they were a new set. You can continue to reuse the press-on nails until they look bad.

Time to Get Your Hands on Clutch Nails Press-Ons

Now that you know you can keep your nails done all the time for a fraction of the cost of getting acrylics, it is time for you to treat yourself to some Clutch Nails press-on nails. You will love how professional they look and the fact that no one will know they are press-on nails.

People will stop you to ask you “who does your nails” constantly when you are wearing your Clutch Nails. You will have the best nails at every function you go to and when you tell people they are press-on nails they will never believe you. Get shopping today so that you can be enjoying your Clutch Nails press-on nails ASAP.