Fall Beauty Makeup Tips

As fall starts to approach, the colder months are getting closer. With the change in the weather more intricate makeup looks are much more comfortable to wear since you won’t be sweating as much. However, it is important to take off your skin with the changing weather. Additionally, beautiful eye makeup and a lash lift and tint are nothing without good skin coverage. Here are some simple tips to follow when it comes to makeup in the fall season. Also, you can easily contact a top-rated make up artist brisbane online for professional make up services that won’t cost you so much.

Take Care of Your Skin

First and foremost, as the colder days approach, your skin will start to get exposed to heating, which is very drying to the skin. To get a flawless makeup application, you must continue to have a good skincare routine. Moisturizers will be your best friend as you get into the colder months. It might be a good idea to go for ones that are denser than your summer moisturize if needed. Even though the sun won’t be out as often, it is still important to apply SPF during the fall and winter. A good way to have SPF in your routine is by getting products that come with it. However, it is important to remember that you need at least 30 SPF for your skin to be protected from harmful sun rays.

Foundation & Base

If you do not have a good foundation and primer, a beautiful eye look will not look dazzling. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what primer you are using. Because your skin can get drier during the colder months, an illuminating primer might be a better option for this time of the year. Additionally, powder and matter foundations tend to also dry up the skin. It is a good idea to go for lighter coverage and hydrating formula when you know your skin will need all the moisture it can get.

Get Wild with Your Makeup

Any time of the year is a good time to experiment with new makeup techniques and color combinations. If you are scared to wear a bright-colored lip in the summer, fall lets you use all the deep and rich shades in your lipstick collection. However, do not forget to moisturize your lips as well! Liquid lipsticks can be drying, so it is a good habit to always exfoliate and moisturize your lips. This time of year is great if you want to wear darker eye makeup to match your eyebrows since you will not be sweating as much and possibly feeling uncomfortable. Fall is the perfect time to wear browns, burned oranges, blacks, reds, and all those deep warm tones. Additionally, glitter can be scary to work with, but you can do graphic liners, cut-creases, or just apply it to your inner corner.

Overall, any makeup can be worn any time of the year. It all depends on what you are most comfortable with. However, it is of the utmost importance that you have moisturized skin and that you protect it from the harmful sun rays. Additionally, if you want to wear a beautiful eye look, you need to also have a good foundation that shows how healthy and beautiful your skin is. The most important part is that you have fun and feel beautiful inside and out all year round.