Factors to Consider When Buying Sunglasses as a Gift

Let’s admit it, there are people we know that are really hard to buy gifts! You don’t want to buy someone a shirt or a pair of shoes and end up giving the wrong size. Of course, you also don’t want to give them designer bags that will end you up with zero balance in your card. Skip the stress because there is this one item that will save you from the hassle of buying gifts! No matter what the occasion is, whether, for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, sunglasses make a great gift.

When opting for sunglasses as a present, there are several factors to consider to be able to give your friend, partner, or colleagues the best ones that they will use. You want to give the impression that you took the time and effort to think about the receiver’s preferences, style and taste.

To give us the best of advice when it comes to picking shades and sunglasses, we spoke with Josh from Great Southern Sunnies. Below are his pieces of advice to consider.

Consider the person’s shape

When choosing sunglasses, the person’s shape must be your number one consideration. Sunglasses should always complement the receiver’s facial features. If you are not sure about what you are buying, you can always ask for assistance from sales ambassadors. They are likely to easily recognize face shapes and certainly can give you helpful suggestions. Or double the effort to spy on his or her eyeglasses collection. This way, you would know the typical and safe frames that he or she uses.

The person you are buying gifts for will surely appreciate your effort to give something that will look great on him or her.

Here is a quick reference on picking sunglasses frames for each face shape:

Round face shape – the best frames for persons with this kind of face shape are square and rectangular frames. The frame’s edges create an illusion of making the face look smaller and slimmer.

Square face shape – if the person you are buying gifts for has this shape, opt for buying him or her a frame that will tame or blur the angles of the face. Round or oval sunglasses are the best fit for this shape.

Heart-shaped – do not go for frames that draw attention or highlights the forehead. Choose ones that have heavy bottom designs or accent to balance the narrow width of the chin.

Diamond face shape – a person who has this face shape is best complemented with oval frames to not highlight the narrow jawline.

Take note of their style

Our resource person, Josh from Southern Sunnies, recommends to really take notice of the receiver’s style. Always consider their wardrobe. Is the person up to wearing casual outfits daily? Or is the person working on a corporate setting and puts on a blazer and meet with clients? Or is the person loves to go out with a dress? If your friend is very flexible and likes to wear timeless pieces of wardrobe, choose him or her a pair of sunglasses that can be used from one event to another. The best example is a rectangular framed sunglasses. These are the versatile kind that can be used during a casual walk and even on classy party and gathering.  Be sure to check out mens glasses as well.

For a friend who’s always up for the latest trends, you will never go wrong with an oversized frame or cat-eye sunglasses.

Think over their lifestyle

Apart from being a fashionable accessory that you can wear to upgrade your outfit or overall look, shades or sunglasses also protect the user. Sunglasses filter the UV rays and protect the user from unwanted dust in the wind and other dirt that may enter the eyes.

If your friend drives regularly, he or she will appreciate getting one that will reduce glare for road safety. One of the smart choices are the polarized lenses that reflect the light away from the eyes and improving the user’s vision to avoid impending road accidents.

Moreover, If the receiving person is someone who likes the outdoors and always go on adventures, a lightweight frame would be perfect. Lightweight frames will be very much loved as it will not get in the way during jogging, running, trail biking, hiking and the like. Polycarbonate lenses are the go-to sunglasses material that will best suit those who love to engage in high impact activities and sports.

Give a pair that has the maximum UV protection

By giving gifts that you carefully selected, it only means that you’re also after their safety. Keeping them away from the sun’s harmful rays is one of the best reasons to get them a pair of sunglasses. Your friend will appreciate you for gifting him or her an item that will be very useful not just during the summer season but also during the colder months. Surprisingly, the sun’s UV rays are reflected almost 80%, doubling the statistics of UV-related health risks.