Can you Take Makeup on a Plane in Hand Luggage of Yours?

Going on vacation also means clicking a lot of pictures, visiting some beautiful sights, and maybe checking in your loved one’s place of residence. These are all your moments and there’s no doubt you’d want to look your best while enjoying them. And if that’s why you are willing to bring your makeup items on board, then this question is obvious to pop inside your head. Well, let’s find out if you can take makeup on a plane in hand luggage and all the relating possible queries.

The Rulings on Taking Makeup on a Plane in Hand Luggage

Makeup in general is permissible to bring inside your hand luggage or makeup container. And this rule is good to go with most of the airlines. However, the issue can come to light when we consider the consistency or type of makeup you are referring to. And that’s where all the trouble of getting into discussion becomes necessary.

All type of solid makeup is quite fine to bring inside the plane. With liquid, you have some restrictions to follow according to TSA liquid rule. Also, there are some matters regarding the container and packaging. With powder formula makeup, things are slightly tricky again. And that pretty much explains there’s no one-line answer to the question.

You see, stowed luggage is becoming quite a money-wasting thing to many passengers as there are charges to it. And so, carrying stuff inside the hand luggage is slowly becoming a more appropriate thing to do for many travelers.

From that point of view, it seems obvious that passengers are willing to have more items that are permissible to carry inside carry-on luggage. And makeup is for sure one of such items.

Beauty products however are very wide-ranging. There are different types of colors, textures, consistency, packaging, and formulas that make it confusing. And so generalizing makeup items into one category becomes tough.

But the easiest and till now pretty effective way to sort this dilemma is starting with a very obvious question, what’s the consistency of your makeup products. Basing on that, you can pretty much come to the point of whether to bring it or not and if yes then how much quantity exactly.

The next segment is basically information regarding that.

The Consistency of Makeup is an Important Factor Regarding Ruiling

There’s basically two consistency that is a bit questionable with airlines ruling so let’s cover only those. It’s powder-based makeup and the ones that come in a liquid formula.

Staring with the powder-based makeups, these are allowed but exceeding amount needs further screening.

The quick response definitely is affirmative with a few things you want to consider. No matter what powder substances it is, the TSA allows only 12 ounces to carry with each passenger. And that’s actually 350 ml. Anything above that will need further screening.

Powders are still permissible, and according to TSA, you don’t even need to take them out of your bag for separate screening unless they are over 12 ounces (350ml). So, if you are carrying powder-based makeup that is less than this quantity (the more likely case) then there’s nothing to worry about, and almost sure there would be no need for screening as well.

However, the airlines have always shown mixed feelings about any substance that comes in powdered formula. There were incidents of passengers carrying salt and pepper shakers, which didn’t exceed the 12-ounce limitation. But TSA still decided to go for further screening and then allowed the items.

Now that’s the thing with powder substances. You cannot guarantee there won’t be screening. But even with the test, it is usually most likely to be permissible. And so, you can consider bringing powder makeup that is clearly smaller than 12 ounces as there’s nothing sneaky with it.

Another factor to remember is that there are a few airlines that don’t allow any powder substances inside carry-on baggage. So, make sure to at least once check the website of your airline and find out if they clearly restrict the item.

With liquid makeup, you can carry it inside hand baggage unless it exceeding 100ml quantity.

From foundation, lipstick, mascara to blush and contours, there is a huge list of makeup items that are in liquid formulas these days. And with such formulas, you are allowed to bring it inside a handbag but only when the quantity falls under 100 ml rule.

This means each container of a makeup item should be less than 100ml. And your entire liquid belonging must not cross 1 liter in total. You also have to carry the liquid items inside a clear zip-top bag that is 1-quart in size. Keeping them inside a zip bag will make it easier for you to allow security people check the items easily. And that way there will be fewer chances of being unnecessarily checked for a long time or allow suspicions to take over the security agents.

Rulings About Makeup Items That Are Confusing

Perfume is not a problem to carry inside your handbag in both solid and liquid form. However just make sure if it’s liquid, the quantity doesn’t exceed 100 ml limit. However, try to skip perfume, as there are chances of your co-passengers suffering from allergies due to it. And you can never assure the consequences of such allergies. So, it’s best to be considerate and skip wearing or bringing perfumes if not absolutely necessary.

Nail polish is another item that people find confusing as it comes in gel formula too. Usually, the gel formula is also considered liquid and so, you need to follow the liquid rulings for it as well. This item also has a pretty strong smell that can irritate your surrounding people. And so, avoid painting your nails on board.

The nail file is also a controversial item that some overzealous officer may decide to not allow due to its sharpness. However, usually, it should be fine to bring one even the metal type according to TSA. But as a wise traveler, it’s still better that you skip the metal ones.

Nail clippers are items that can cut. And so, it may seem like something you should not bring inside carry-on baggage. However, according to TSA, it’s fine to bring a nail clipper. The chances of using a nail clipper as a weapon is pretty rare. And even if someone decides to, it would be quite tough. However, if it’s a nail scissor, make sure the blade is not long them 4 inches from its pivot point. Also, a few countries can be stricter regarding anything that has a blade including nail scissors.

Tweezers are also usually a permissible item on board just like nail scissors and clippers. However again due to the sharpness, you may want to consider sheathed ones. So that there’s no chance of even poking through luggage. As it could injure the person handling baggage.

Wrap Up

And on that note, we are by the end of today’s discussion on makeup allowance on a plane in hand luggage. If you are still curious about this matter, maybe give a check to and know more. Being prepare for the big flight needs you to be considerate of so many little but critical matters.

And carrying your important stuff inside the baggage is one of them. So, kudos to you for putting effort into finding the allowance on makeup items and being a responsible passenger. See you soon on some other fun chat like this, till then stay well and fly safely.