Finding a Good Mobile Hair and Makeup Professional in Vancouver

Like it or not, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is the moment when you say “I do” to the man or woman of your dream and you hope it stays that way. Other than the great feeling, you need to have the right look on this day.

There are many tips to help you achieve this. Some of them include tanning, avoiding sun damage, staying hydrated, getting sufficient rest, as well as watching and eating the right diet. For more on this subject, you can visit:

However, there is something else that is very important and has to be included. We strongly believe that engaging the services of a hair and makeup artist is very vital on this day.

You should not take this for granted and that is why we have decided to share how to identify the right professional for the job. We strongly advise intending couples (and brides in particular) in Vancouver and anywhere else to pay rapt attention. This is considering the importance of the information shared here.

The Kind of Hair and Makeup Artist You Should Hire for Your Wedding Day

We have gathered from experience that mobile hair and makeup artists have a lot to do on your wedding day. They have to make use of a lot of items to make you look the best you can be on this day. They also need to keep track of you at every point.

For instance, you should not be allowed to ruin your makeover with perspiration. So, they should always be on standby to watch you or have someone do this very well.

In short, these professionals have quite a lot to do on such days. For this reason, we advise that you deal with one that has everything on the ground. You should know there is no better service provider to guarantee this than a mobile hair and makeup artist.

This is because they are mobile and have everything you will need in place. In fact, the makeover could be done in their caravan rather than somewhere flooded with people offering congratulatory messages. That can wait till you are done with your makeover.

You can check out a professional makeup artist at Beauty en Route to know more about what dealing with a mobile hair and makeup artist feels like. So, the benefits attached to dealing with such a service provider might be a good enough reason for you to deal with them. However, you still need to understand how to identify the right one for your big day. This is why the next part of this article is aimed at helping you achieve that.

How to Know a Good Mobile Hair and Makeup Artist

Here are some tested and trusted tips to help you identify the best hands for the job:

Knows When to Do What

The art of properly making someone up comes with some dos and don’ts. The professional you deal with must understand this.

For instance, s/he must know when it is appropriate to do a makeover before styling the hair and vice versa. This is so that you will not end up ruining your good looks on that day. For more on this subject, you can read this.

It is equally important that the professional knows the limits of the job. For instance, s/he should be able to figure out how much foundation is too much on your face.

This is very important especially considering how some brides and even bridegrooms look too made up on their special day. You do not want to look like a clown on your big day and therefore you should take this point seriously.

Body Friendly Products

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking good on your wedding day. This is even the whole point of hiring a makeup expert to help you out.

However, you need to ask yourself the price you are willing to pay for the good looks. This is not about the money but the effects on your skin and health at large. This is why hiring an expert that uses toxic products is a no-no.

You should only deal with those that use body-friendly products. This is both on your face, skin, and hair. To do this, make sure the items used do not irritate your skin. You might have to get a pre-experience before your day to make sure of this.

Also, you need to be aware of certain ingredients in some skin and makeup products that are harmful. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Harnessing Natural Beauty

Speaking of not overdoing things on your big day, every makeover should augment your natural beauty. This means you should stay away from those that want to give you a mechanical look.

The point is people seeing a better-looking version of you rather than someone they cannot recognize on that day. It is all about harnessing your natural beauty.

Highly Recommended

To make sure the person you choose can offer all the points listed above, you need someone that comes highly recommended. To do this, you might want to check out professionals that have been featured well on beauty magazines and great stages.

Some of the options you might want to check (especially for professionals in Vancouver) include service providers featured in:

  • Wedding Wire
  • Vancouver Sun
  • Vogue Italia
  • Elements Magazine
  • Today’s Bride

Other than this, word-of-mouth recommendations can also be a great way to come in contact with the right professional. You can also reach out to people who were good-looking on their big day and get the contact of their makeup artist.

Able to Work with Your Budget

Having a wedding can be a big deal especially as it relates to money. There is a lot of spending to be done and you might need to cut costs.

As a result, you need to deal with a professional that can give you cost-tailored services. This simply means the professional should be able to work with your budget. We strongly advise that you play by this rule.

These are just some of the ways people in Vancouver and anywhere else can end up with the right mobile hair and makeup artist. There are ways to identify a good hair and makeup artist and knowing them will be helpful.


There are several things to be done to look the best you can for your big moments. Hiring the right hair and makeup professional is one of those things.

We have explained the best kind of this professional and how to identify the right one for you. We strongly advise that you take the details shared here seriously to have a memorable experience. Furthermore, you should know these tips do not only apply to those about to get wedded.