Buying the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

Every body is unique, and every person is entitled to wear whatever clothing makes them feel confident and comfortable. That said, most of us want to stick to styles that flatter our figures — which enhance our aesthetic strengths while hiding any perceived flaws or insecurities.

This is particularly true in revealing clothing — like lingerie. If you want to invest in lingerie that boosts your poise and self-assurance, read on for some tips for shopping for lingerie that suits your distinctive shape.

If You Consider Yourself Curvy…

Curvaceous women easily have it easiest when it comes to shopping for lingerie. Curves look fantastic when hugged by almost any type of underthing, so instead of searching for what looks best, you might focus on finding lingerie items that feel comfortable and provide adequate support.

To this end, most lingerie experts advocate for curvy, full-bodied women to invest in tops with full coverage. Full-coverage bras and camisoles usually come with underwires, which tend to provide greater security for those with a larger bust. If you are interested in something a bit more revealing, you might opt for a demi-cup, which accommodates lower cuts of shirt without skimping on support. As long as the top has a thicker back band and straps, it should be sturdy enough for any bust size.

As for bottoms, curvy women can don whatever they wish. High waisted styles can provide additional coverage, but if you are looking to highlight your hips, you can also use a garter belt or suspenders, which are both flattering and supportive.

If Your Body Is on the Slimmer Side…

There is plenty of lingerie that is designed specifically with slimmer bodies in mind, so if you lack curves, you won’t be wanting for attractive lingerie options. Generally, slimmer women want lingerie to emphasize the areas of their bodies where they could have curves. Finding lingerie pieces that have more frills and features around the bust and hips will provide the illusion of an hourglass shape.

It is much more fun to shop for lingerie with extras like ruffles and guipure, but you also need sturdy and reliable lingerie sets to feel comfortable and confident in. For these, you might want to invest in full-coverage tops and bottoms with extra padding at the bust, so your undergarments will lay flat underneath your regular clothing and give you more shape where you need it.

If You Workout for an Athletic Build…

Athletic bodies tend to be somewhere between curvy and slim, without the sumptuousness of the former but with more toned shape than the latter. Usually, athletic bodies are hard-won; you probably spend hours in the gym every week to build this body, so you deserve to show it off with the right lingerie.

Lingerie experts recommend that athletic bodies adorn themselves with as much detail as they can muster. Lace can lend a softness to hard muscles, but if you want a less feminine look, you can get away with all sorts of straps, suspenders, belts and buckles.

If You Have a Thicc Lower Half…

Historically, women with more weight on their bottom half have been called “pear-shaped,” but we much prefer the adjective “thicc.” The goal for lingerie on this body type is to create a greater sense of balance while celebrating your natural assets.

To accomplish this, you should strive to add more visual weight on top while keeping your bottoms relatively plain. You can get bras and tops with plenty of embellishments like ruffles and color blocking; you might choose to get high-neck or sleeved pieces because the extra fabric will give the illusion of curves. Meanwhile, on bottom, you might stick to black, white or mesh options that don’t draw the eye down. If you want, you can opt for compression undergarments for your downstairs, but few lingerie experts would advocate for keeping your natural hips and bum under wraps.

The best lingerie for your body is the lingerie you like best. While guides like this one can help you identify pieces that will enhance your comfort and confidence, the truth is you shouldn’t shy away from any lingerie if you like the way you look in it. After all, fashion is first and foremost for you.