Best Plastic Surgeon for Reconstructive Surgery in Singapore – Things to Consider

Simply put, reconstructive surgery repairs certain parts of the body that got affected by certain defects. It could be that these defects came with your birth, or you developed it because of an injury or disease. Some of the instances of reconstructive surgery are palate and cleft lip repair and breast reconstruction. The term “reconstructive” indicates rebuilding after something got destroyed or damaged.

Are you planning to opt-in for reconstructive surgery? If yes, then you need to connect with the best plastic surgeon for the same. And once you get access to one, it is essential to ask a few crucial questions so that you know the process better.

1. What are the multiple types of reconstructive surgery?

A few common conditions that get addressed through reconstructive surgery are:

  • Surgery to enhance hand procedures
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Surgery for limb salvage and breast conditions
  • Palate and cleft lip repair
  • Septoplasty
  • Craniosynostosis surgery
  • Panniculectomy
  • Migraine surgery
  • Lymphedema treatment
  • Gender confirmation surgeries

2. How frequently does reconstructive surgery gets performed?

Today, close to a million reconstructive surgery processes gets performed annually.

3. Are the treatment processes outpatient or inpatient?

The answer for this will depend on your reconstructive surgery kind. For instance, in case the plastic surgeon is carrying out a reconstruction in the areola or the nipple area, it will be an outpatient surgery. But complicated and bigger processes might require the patient to spend a night or more in the hospital. This kind of surgery gets conducted at the clinic, the hospital, surgery centre or at the office of the healthcare provider.

4. What is the difference between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery?

Simply put, cosmetic surgery gets done to ensure that you look better and feel better. It isn’t required for any medical reason. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is done to restore a normal function or form of the tissue once it is compromised because of any cancer surgery, trauma, infection, or congenital reasons.

If you look at nose surgery or rhinoplasty, you will realize that it can at times be confusing to list a surgery as reconstructive or cosmetic. This surgery gets done to enhance the appearance of the nose. And that might make it feel similar to cosmetic surgery. Simultaneously, nose surgeries also get performed to resolve an individual’s breathing if the nose has been broken. And that way it can be looked upon as reconstructive surgery. You need to know this, as your insurance policy might provide a cover for reconstructive surgeries and not cosmetic surgery.

5. How will a plastic surgeon assess your case?

Today, every person who comes for surgery is different, and they will get evaluated individually. For instance, an expert plastic surgeon will look into your detailed medical history and then examine the case depending on the medical necessity and desired outcomes. For example, is there a traumatic burn that impacts the underlying muscles and mobility?

The surgeon must assess the case severity and provide you with the available options for you. And based on the surgeon’s assessment, you can decide the surgical process that caters to your expectations and needs.