Australian Essentials Oils Explained

According to experts, natural oils have been widely sought after for their various health benefits from the beginning of time, a quick look at the history books tells us that oils were often traded as currency or given as a highly valued gift for a really special occasion. Their uses varied considerably between directly applying the oils to the skin, taking the oils orally or putting in hot water to create a vapour which creates a unique aroma and, is supposed to give off certain healing qualities into the air but, what do things look like today, have they changed much?

What exactly are essential oils?

It’s a very good question, some people may think that because they are called ‘essential oils’ that they are essential to have or to use. Whilst they are superb in many ways, that isn’t where they get their name from. The word ‘essential’ derives from the word ‘essence’ which is precisely what the oils are, they are the ‘essence’ of a plant.

One example of an essential oil which includes every part of the flower is lemon eucalyptus oil, when all parts of the flower are used, you can get the maximum benefit. They are most commonly used in a wide range of professions for medical, therapeutic, cosmetic, and aromatic reasons which is why you will often find them in spas and massage parlours.

How can you benefit from essential oils?

Your health and your body’s healing capabilities: Sadly, people are taken from us too early due to some kind of physical disease each day or, their health is severely affected. In some cases, essential oils can help people with various conditions or diseases to either, lessen the effects of the disease or condition and, help them Revive to live a more comfortable life.

Because essential oils include only natural ingredients, much like vegan food, the body can use them in the most effective way, some of the most common conditions that the oils have helped to keep at bay are things like the common cold, joint and muscle discomfort, all the way through to depression and or, anxiety.

Mental wellbeing: Natural oils are actually really powerful; some can trigger a better state of mind by encouraging positive thoughts or memories to come into your mind. There are numerous scents like Lavender, Peppermint, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang which have been known to give off an aroma that brings with it, a feeling of peace and that of a more balanced mindset.

Better looking skin: Many essential oils have properties that help to detoxify the skin and rid it of any unwanted impurities hence why they are so widely used in the skin care industry. They do, however, affect people in different ways so it’s worth speaking with a professional before you buy and try.

How can I take them?

The most common ways to benefit from natural essential oils are either to mix the oils with and to heat with a flame, more recently you will find electrical ‘defuses’ available for purchase which give a similar result, you can ingest them directly or, apply them directly or, indirectly to your skin.


One of the best things about natural oils is that each one will have a unique effect on you and your body so you can, hopefully benefit from all of them in some way or, another, do make sure to consult a doctor first though.