4 Ways to Protect and Maintain your Orange Hair

Orange hair seems to be at the top of the trend and center of fashion right now. It is one of those colors you can’t fail to notice any direction you turn your head. Treating your hair with different colors for different looks and styles is fun and unique. But you also want to make sure you take proper care of it.

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Wait up to a Whole 72 hours after Coloring before you Shampoo.

When you color your hair orange, the cuticle layers open. It makes it easy for the color to penetrate the hair shaft. If you wash and shampoo your hair too soon after coloring, the cuticles could still be open, and you risk washing down the color.

You want to make sure that the cuticle is fully closed by the time you wash your hair. It takes up to three days for you to guarantee your hair is safe. The longer you wait before shampooing your hair, the longer the color sits and soaks in your hair. It also helps the color to stay longer.

Here is the Best Shampoo and Conditioner

Nothing much changes after you dye your hair orange; you will still need to wash your hair with shampoo and continue to best suit your hair type. The only thing to keep in mind is to use sulfate-free products. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a common ingredient in most hair care products.

It is used to produce the foaming in your shampoo and ConditionerConditioner. Using this washes off your hair’s natural oils and moisture. It may risk your beautiful orange hair being stripped of its color. You don’t want your investment in money and time (creating the beautiful hair) going to waste.

Mix your Conditioner with dye

Orange is a bright color, and maintaining this look requires you to be innovative. One of the recommended tips to keep your hair bright and glowing is to add a bit of your orange dye to your ConditionerConditioner while washing your hair. It will slightly add color to your hair and help maintain the dye for a longer time.

Keep doing this, and the dye in your ConditionerConditioner will slightly keep re-dying your hair every time it is wash-hair day. It will help your hair keep its bright and original color until your roots start to grow out. Then you can decide what to do, whether to re-dye orange or treat it with a different color.

Use Low Temperature when Washing

We all love hot showers. It feels amazing. But when your hair is orange and bright and fresh, it is not so unique anymore. You want to make sure you turn down your water temperature when you are shampooing. Hot water might open up your cuticle, letting the color wash out.

Opt for warmer water instead of hot if you don’t want to see your color go down. Rinse with cold water after that to help seal the moisture in and the hair cuticle.